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Zimbabwe Government must embrace youthful talent

Nox Guni, Zimbabwe's brand ambassador in the music industry
By Nicholas Ncube
Zimbabwe is a land of talented and enterprising young people who shine in whatever part of the world or endeavour they find themself in. Zimbabwe has produced talent such as the flying elephant Peter Ndlovu, Adam Ndlovu, Leeroy Gopal, Oliver Mutukudzi, Marvelous Nakamba, Fanyana Dube, Edwin Hama, Danai Gurira, Tongai Chirisa, Busi Ncube among others. It is unfortunate that the ministry of youth and the government of Zimbabwe at large do not identify this talent and utilize it for the national good.
Enock Guni known as Nox, the Zaka Prince is one young person who has carried the Zimbabwean flag and equally carried his Zaka roots to international platforms from which he shines. Nox has proven to be a patriotic Zimbabwean who is proud of his roots. Guni wears his Zaka tag with pride and does not hide the fact that he is from Zaka.
Masvingo Province and the Ministry of Youth should utilize the talent and exposure that Nox Guni currently commands. Masvingo Province could use Nox Guni as an ambassador for Zaka and the entire province. Working with Nox as an ambassador for Masvingo province could boost tourism, as well as attract investment to the area if the authorities work out the right arrangement with Nox Guni and his management team.
There are several young people who could be role models for the rural youth. They could also serve as representatives of the rural youth on the platforms on which they shine from. Zimbabwe has missed out on a number of opportunities such as Tendai Beast Mtawarira, Audius Mtawarira, Thandie Newton, and a host of others. These names could be ambassadors carrying the flag and representing the country with pride.
It is my hope that the Provincial Development Coordinators and the Ministers of state will identify potential brand ambassadors and create working relationships that add value to the artist and the communities that raised them.
I challenge Ezra Chadzamira to think of Zaka and what they can do with the Prince of Zaka to shine a light on the investment and tourism opportunities that exist in Zaka and Masvingo.

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