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Zee World Weekly Highlights (26th August to 1st September 2019)

King of Hearts

Fire & Ice

Everyday @ 18h00 | Zee World Channel 166

Yuvraj’s influence on Mahi drives her to hating Twinkle. Kunj cancels his plans to move overseas and joins Twinkle in stopping Yuvraj from ruining Mahi’s life. Yuvraj gifts Mahi a special bottle of champagne but it isn’t really champagne. Yuvraj ruins Mahi’s face and all the evidence points to Twinkle. Mahi is welcomed into the Sarna house as the new daughter in law. Kunj arranges for Mahi’s plastic surgery to be done, but Mahi decides not to do it unless Yuvraj pays for it. Twinkle is left disturbed after receiving an unknown message. Twinkle’s decision to take part in a beauty pageant results in a misunderstanding between her and Kunj. Twinkle discovers something disturbing about Manohar. Manohar tells Twinkle the truth about what happened between Purvi and him.

Kindred Hearts

Everyday @ 19h00 | Zee World Channel 166

Nisha and Sumaar are met with complications in their new plans. Can Jia recall her past life as Jhanvi? Nisha throws her weight around in an attempt to intimidate Aunt Sharda and Cheeni. Destiny has been faithful to Cheeni as half of her prayers have been answered. Sumaar has become a threat in Nisha’s eyes. Arjun is not aware of the danger he has placed himself in. Chandresh is left helpless when he’s held hostage by Nisha. Sumaar’s guilt has him running for cover.

The Heir

Everyday @ 20h00 | Zee World Channel 166

Jay threatens to punish Mohini and she follows up with a threat of her own. Jagan finds out that Raavi never terminated her pregnancy. Manu exposes Mohini’s intentions and Amba throws her out of the village. Manu convinces Amba to hear Jay’s side of the story and just when it looked like everything is going back to normal, Jay gets arrested. Simran openly admits to Manu that she’s in love with Raman. Amba issues a challenge to Raman to prove his love by telling his father the truth. Manu, Raavi and Simran receive news that could possibly make or break the two families. Harjeet accepts Raman and Simran’s marriage idea, but is he really being sincere about it? Manu finds out the truth from Raj.


Everyday @ 21h00 | Zee World Channel 166

Vicky helps Shaurya as they try to prove Mandaar’s sinister ways. Vandana is still not aware of her true identity. The Sharma’s and the Khanna’s are adamant that Mehek is alive.Archie begins to manipulate Mandaar’s mom to get her objective across resulting in Shaurya cutting all ties with her.Eddie has to make a difficult decision to save his wife’s life. The Gabela online business is back in operation and Sanjana confesses to her obsession with Karan. Archie isn’t taking her break up with Shaurya well. Norah falls for Sanjana’s tricks once again. Vandana begins to have vivid flashbacks about her past as Mehek.

King of Hearts

Everyday @ 22h00 | Zee World Channel 166

Kritika finds out that Roshni is pregnant.vAfter all the trouble they have been through, Sid and Roshni are finally married and this time they have everyone’s blessings. DD tells Sid that until the baby is born, Roshni will stay with her, Sid agrees but he has something up his sleeve. A unknown girl , Ayesha, makes her way into Sid and Roshni’s lives and Sid tries to find out who her parents are. A man appears at the orphanage and it leaves Ayesha scared and worriedThere is an event at the orphanage and someone has their eye on Ayesha. Roshni and Ayesha get kidnapped.

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