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Young Feminists Re-Imagining Climate Conversation

Elizabeth Gulugulu Machache, a young environmental champion

By Joyce Mukucha

With climate and environmental impacts persisting to drastically re-shape the world, as feminists, the Young Feminist Fund (FRIDA) has come to realise that they cannot and must not separate these concerns from their struggles.

Young feminist activists are organizing against some of the most rapidly changing contexts the world has ever seen.

They are reckoning with an environmental crisis that threatens life-sustaining planetary ecosystems, whilst living under the threat of surveillance, censorship, and persecution for their resistance.

In a statement, FRIDA said, “We encourage everyone to continue supporting FRIDA and young feminist organisers working to shape our digital and ecological futures, for the better by giving to FRIDA today.

“Over the course of our 10-year journey, FRIDA has continued to find ways to support freedom of information and organizing online as a core young feminist value.”

Young feminist land defenders are also standing up against the world’s largest corporate and government powers at a great cost.

From its Environmental Justice Storytelling Project to digital security guides, FRIDA is committed to exploring and supporting all of the intersections of justice.

Storytelling has been a large part of FRIDA’s work with Climate and Environmental justice.

As a funder, it arrives to support the work of Climate and Environmental Justice (CEJ) activists around the world who have continued to protect communities and the environment while holding governments and industry accountable.

“Our Climate and Environmental Justice projects have included direct support to activists as well as creating space to allow them and their communities to take the mic, and speak their truth. With our partnership with the Young Feminist for Climate Justice Network, and with the Sierra Club, we helped launch ‘Rooted in Care: Sustaining Movements’, a storytelling project for and by young feminists in the climate justice movement that reflected on the role of care in our bodies, histories, and struggles.”

FRIDA also has a project which looks at transnational feminist local narratives on what climate justice looks like on the ground and how these struggles can shape international politics.

All these systems are constructions that FRIDA aims to build with constructed gender roles.

“Men can also be caretakers. We could build new masculinities. Environmentally, we built this industrial extractive, hyper consumption-based system. We can also build something different possible in as much as re-imagining climate conversation is concerned.”

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