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Young Feminists Preach Festive Season Love

Celebrating Christmas and New Year through spreading love

By Joyce Mukucha

As 2020 is winding up with everyone embracing the holiday season mood, the Young Feminist Fund (FRIDA) stands in festive solidarity as it urges everyone to spread love and holiday cheer through the powerful gift of ‘giving’ especially to the less privileged ones.

In this year of social distancing where the world is experiencing the unprecedented times of Covid-19, FRIDA highlighted that they understand how difficult it is for people to replicate the joy of quality time with friends and family.

To try and bridge the gap caused by the deadly pandemic, FRIDA came up with a brilliant idea of creating E-Cards which can make it easy for those willing to send through their season’s greetings and wishes to their loved ones, the poor, orphans, widows, the elderly among other vulnerable groups.

Along with virtual hangouts, said FRIDA, gift-giving can also help in overcoming the physical and emotional gap which is currently experienced by the majority.

In a statement, the young feminists stressed that these cheerful seasons are the ones which people should donate, show care, support, and love the have nots so as to make them feel warm, special, and important in their journey of life.

“Festivities are always great and it is important that when we celebrate the special seasons, we also remember the vulnerable who need our love and support. If you haven’t expressed your love and support to your loved ones and vulnerable ones, as FRIDA, we have our beautifully designed feminist e-cards that enable you to make a FRIDA donation dedicated to a loved one.

“We joyfully invite you to make this holiday season memorable for your loved ones by welcoming them to the FRIDA verse and making a donation in their name,” the statement reads.

The organisation also said they will not only receive a beautiful e-card designed by the incredible artivist Munira Yussuf, but will also feel extra special knowing that they are contributing to building a feminist future.

” Also, show your appreciation to those who have accompanied you in these challenging times by gifting them a specially designed FRIDA e-card!”

As it is celebrating the festive season, FRIDA is also celebrating 10 years of anniversary and continue to remind the world how necessary it is to celebrate the milestones and achievements and even more importantly, to celebrate allies scattered around the globe who have shaped the organisation’s beautiful, decade long journey.

FRIDA expressed its gratitude to everyone who have made concerted effort in as much as being part of the organisation is concerned and urged its supporters to consider becoming regular resource allies growing the FRIDA community and supporting it in the beautiful decade to come.

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