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YETIN dishes out empowerment projects for artists

Gugulethu Moyo

By Chimeno Azriel

A newly registered trust, the Youth Empowerment Through Innovation ( YETIN) is set to help and uplift upcoming and seasoned artists through various projects.

The Trust under the directorship of Gugulethu Moyo, seeks to inspire and help youthful artists to grow. Speaking during the interview with this publication, Gugulethu spoke of her desire to see the youths in Zimbabwe grow in various entities.

“I decided to form and register this Trust so that I will help youths in Zimbabwe. The Trust will be working on inspiring creativity, enterprises, and entrepreneurship among youths,” said Gugulethu.

The Trust will empower young people through innovation for vision 2030. It is subdivided into four components that include ASAP ( Anti Substance Abuse Programme), YWLEP ( Youth, Women and Leadership Empowerment Programme), SALI ( Sports, Arts, Life skills Initiative) and TI4D ( Technology, Innovative For Development).

“The Trust will be in four sections and it will cover every the youth, artists and adults. It means everyone is covered,” said the Trust Director.

The Trust will work in line with the Government’s vision of 2030 where Youths are encouraged to venture into various projects such as agriculture, mining, and infrastructure developments since youths are the future leaders hence the formation of the Trust.

YETIN Trust will work with youths and adults on life skills using their talents so as to curb out drug abuse and early pregnancies among the youths. It will strive to create job opportunities so as to boost the country’s economy.

“The Trust will dwell much on empowerment. I hope this will make the Trust a recognized global brand,” said Gugulethu.

Fluent in English, Ndebele and Shona, the 33-year-old director is also an actress by profession. She started acting from a tender age and she once featured in a Feature Film “Everyone’s Child.”

She has been acting for about 12 years.

“I have been in the film industry for a decade now and I need to pursue acting as it is my passion and my dream,” said the actress.

Born in a Christian family, Gugulethu said that the film industry in Zimbabwe is good with a lot of potential and talented actors and actresses. She added that if the projects are well funded and artists unite, Zimbabwean films will match other countries like Nigeria, South Africa and India.

“We need to be well funded. Artists need to unite. I know we can match Nollywood, Bollywood, and South African films,” said Gugulethu.

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