Woman with albinism seeks help


A woman with albinism who has undergone four operations, three of them this year as a result of tumours that are growing on her head is seeking assistance to manage her hospital bills.

Tendai Mukuvari (28) from Dora village in Mutare is fighting for dear life having undergone three surgeon operations this year alone to remove the tumours forming one after the other. The operations have resulted in the loss of one of her ears.

She says the growth started as a small pimple worthy of a scratch and she thought it would disappear in no time but started to grow bigger prompting her to have what was to be her first operation in June last year.

A mother of three wonderful children (twins and one), Tendai might not be able to see that her kids are properly cared for if she stays longer at the hospital. Her husband depends on piece jobs not sustaining the family. All her children are currently not attending school due to financial constraints.

“Please help me, anyone out there I beg you. I need money to buy medicine and injections needed for me to go for another operation. My children are not going to schools at the moment.

“I wish to see them go to school and have a proper livelihood just like others but ever since these growths started, I haven’t been in my best form to play my role,” said Tendai.

She says anyone who is willing to help her can reach out to her on +263 (0) 782 370 159 or send money on this number using Ecocash.

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Byron Adonis Mutingwende