Winky D’s Njema raises dust

Winky D Njema
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Musician Winky D’s upcoming album titled Njema has divided opinion in more ways than one. There has been misinformation and mis-education on what exactly the singer is trying to put across judging from the album cover to the lyrics.

However, the saddest part is that a number of critics or rather pseudo critics have taken it upon themselves to review an album which launches on December 31, how this is possible is quite shocking.

According to the Track list gleaned by Gem Nation News the tracks are: 1 Njema, 2 Chandelier, 3, Sekai, 4 Chitekete, 5 Siya So, 6 Ijipita, 7 Ndidye Mari featuring Buffalo Souljah, 8 aye, ( Bhatiri, 10 Amai, 11 Murombo, 12 Area 51, 13 Mangerengere.

One writer Tawanda Marime said about Ijipita: “Popular Zimbabwean Zim dancehall musician Wallace Chirumiko known as Winky D in music circles is set to launch a highly controversial album on the 31st of December 2019 at the HICC.

“The album is entitled Njema which is a Shona name for Police handcuffs. This album consists of six tracks which are all loaded with Political lyrics some of which are too explicit to be ignored while others are subtle.

“Of concern is the fact that Winky’s musical lyrics have been consistently viewed and interpreted as deliberately coined to incite the public to resist and rise up against lawful authority in Zimbabwe. This album is no different.

“This writer had the priviledge of listening to one track entitled Canaan. In this track Chirumiko resembles that Citizen who does not recognise the leadership of his country and thus seeks to inculcate that attitude of resistence into the minds of others.

“He is also apparently encouraging others to cross borders to neighboring countries which he view as heaven on earth, Canaan.

“This view is toxic as it diminishes national pride and patriotism amongst the youths.

Journalist Makomborero Gold Mutimukulu commented: “Winky D harove hake ngoma kudarika vamwe vanhu. Lyric racho ndiro ndiro re self praise. HOWEVER, to everything he does there is a serious thought process behind it.”

Tinashe Ike Madzviti replied: “Canaan Tapinda Tapinda mweni”

While Wilson Chipanguraa said: “Self-praise is always synonymous with the dancehall genre mwene but I don’t know if Winky D still sings dancehall. Will tell you after settling in Canaan . . . nekuti hobho vaida kukanda nhanho.”

Muzhingi Norman commented: “Saka mukuti imbodza yabikwa nemunhu ane Zita chete here apa.”

Vokal BaJordan Na Christian responded: “I wish I cud comment . . . but go on . . . I taught u well.”

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