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WHO, City of Harare in partnership to address non-communicable diseases


By Tatenda Mujeyi

The City of Harare has received US$100 000 dollar funding from the Bloomberg Philanthropy which will be administered in partnership with the World Health Organisation to curb Non Communicable diseases.

“We are gathered here to announce that Harare has joined a global partnership for healthy cities funded to the tune of US$100,000 by Bloomberg Philanthropies,” the Mayor of Harare Clr Herbert Thomas Gomba said.


The funding is part of a scheme that will see more than 70 cities globally receiving the grant aimed at curbing increase in non-communicable diseases.

“As part of 70 global cities that are participating in this programme, we will receive technical assistance from the World Health Organization (WHO) and the non-profit Vital Strategies. Our initiative/programme runs through 2020.” Mr Gomba said.

The funds will be used to generate information and statistics by way of survey as to the prevalence and related issues in the City trends of Non communicable diseases.

“We are now part of the global family of cities committed to saving lives by preventing non-communicable diseases (or NCDs) such as cancer, diabetes and heart diseases among a host of others. I am glad to announce that my Council has become part of bold leaders geared to improve public health and help contain the scourge of NCDs.” Mr Gomba said.

The survey will be followed by other programs related to non-communicable diseases as the funders are expected to release more funds.

“The Survey is important in terms of availing accurate data as to the statistics within the city on Non Communicable dieses. After this we will have more information on the state of affairs with regards to NCDs and only then can we act towards addressing the findings. The funders have committed to avail more funding and we believe we will engage in more programs related to NDCs thereafte,.” Director City Health Dr Prosper Chonzi said.

NDCs are an increasing health concern owing to the challenges in treatment and their contributions to global and local mortality rates.

“Globally, Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs) have become one of the leading causes of mortality. A snap preview of global statistics may help to put into perspective the problem before all of us. According to the WHO, 41 million deaths are attributable to NCD’s each year; an equivalent to 71% of all mortalities global,y.” Mayor Gomba added.

The funding will go a long way in addressing the Cities challenges in accurate data and statistics on health issues as well as guaranteeing health preparedness.

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