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What to Wear on a Hot Summer Trip


There is no denying the fact that the summer season is the holiday season. But, with the onset of summers, where some people joyously switch to their vacay modes, others begin sweating with anxiety, as for them, planning a trip is more comfortable than planning what to pack for those scorching days.

If we come to compare, we can always deal with the falling mercury by finding warmth below a series of layers. But, while packing for a destination that boasts of slightly high temperature, it becomes a tedious task to decide what all you must carry along to beat the heat. If that is the case with you too, then the good news is, you have hit the right button.

To ease-up on your hardships, we have here, some incredible suggestions that can help you through the dilemma of choosing what you can wear on your next hot trip. Let us get going and see what we have got for you!



Linen is an ultimate choice if you are looking for something high on the breathability factor. This is one fabric that will not only rock your summer look but will also keep you fresh during those sweltering days. It does not matter if it is a linen shirt, trousers or even a jumpsuit; you can never go wrong with this one. Just keep it simple and opt for solid colors and muted tones, and you are good to go.


2. Cotton

When the mercury begins its unkind ascent, cotton undeniably becomes a wardrobe staple. With its stature of being light-weight, comfortable, durable, hypoallergenic and weather-proof, cotton is the foremost choice for the tropical climate and beach outings. Combine a cotton tank top with swishy, palazzo-style loungers and witness the magic unfolding beautifully.

Only, you have got to be cautious with wearing cotton apparel in a swanky setting. It might not complement the plush air around. So better keep it locked in for a more comfortable and relaxed environment.


3. A mini dress

When the temperatures hover around absurd figures, and the air feels too heavy, allowing anything on your body may turn you off instantly. But since it is inevitable, you can try experimenting with dresses that barely touch your body. Hunt for a loose-fitted cotton mini dress that lets your body move freely without having you to feel vexed in humid weather.

4. Athleisure is the way

With the rise of athleisure clothing, sportswear is increasingly gaining recognition amongst the masses as new add-ons in the fashion game.

Thanks to their super comfy reputation, fitness apparel would prove to be your best friend on your vacations. Made up of stretchy and moisture-wicking fabric, they may not be appropriate for professional settings, but they are perfect for a healthy living holiday where all-day comfort, along with a dynamic physical performance, is necessarily needed.

As a cherry on the cake, they no more exude ‘Just came from the gym’ vibes, instead, provide you with an uber-stylish look.

Throw in together, chic yet comfortable pair of shorts with an equally nifty tee for a casual day out.

5. ‘Dress’ to kill

If you have a date night planned on one of your romantic getaways, it is imperative that you carry a flirty sundress or a sensuous slip dress that sets the mood rolling for both of you. In case, their skinny straps bother you at all, grab a breezy wrap dress with a front slit. This will give you enough coverage and takes care of your bra straps and, at the same time, ups your glam quotient.

6. Maxi skirt

A printed maxi skirt works very well when you are aiming to cover your legs without having to worry about the fabric clinging onto your body on swampy days. The underlying idea is to provide an unconstrained movement for your legs.

You can team it up with either a bold tank or a simple sleeveless white top, for a casual meetup. Whereas for a more formal one, a crisp button-down would work wonders for your style preferences.

Also, you can alternatively wear a midi dress for a more relaxed and footloose kind of look. You can even throw in a chunky necklace and strappy sandals to jazz up your overall look.

7. Swimwear

Summers are about hitting the pool with your gang. Be prepared in advance and find a maillot that can double up as a bodysuit. This way you would not need to layer it up under your clothes and after that, cribbing about shedding them later in the day.

Put it on when you have to be in and out of the water all day and take a tour around the town, feeling much calmer and sexier.

8. Bra top

When the plan is to play it cool without having to sacrifice on your style game, a bra top is something you must go for. It is a ‘barely there’ top that lets you flaunt your midriff while keeping it cool as well.

Final tips for being summer-ready


  • While traveling to hot and humid spots, stick to shades that are on the lighter end of the spectrum, since they absorb less sun than the darker ones. Pastel shades and others such as white, beige, etc. help keep off excess heat and let you enjoy your vacations in a more unrestrained manner.
  • Make sure that whatever you wear is made of materials that allow your skin to breathe and absorb the moisture with ease.
  • Try accessorising your look with the help of super classy sunglasses and brimmed hats. They will help keep the piercing sun rays off your eyes and will take your summer fashion to another level.
  • UV rays of direct sunlight can harm your skin in some very bad ways. So, forget everything else and make it a priority to apply sunscreen on your body before you step out in the sun. It is supremely significant and should be considered the first and foremost rule to be followed for a happy and safe summer trip.


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