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We need a functional economy: Open ZISCO, CSC, NRZ, CCZ first!

Tinashe Eric Muzamhindo

By Tinashe Eric Muzamhindo

A few days ago, I read a statement about the First lady Amai Auxilia Mnangagwa coming up with an initiative, “National Dress Code”, which she is going to confer or launch. For some of the words, it is the word on the streets, we are not aware of the definition, the objective, and some of these events are not necessary considering the burden of our national fiscus.

The government must have priorities prior to economic development targets using the economic recovery framework. We need a functional economy, backed by increase in productivity. Some of these state functions, banquets, dinners, breakfasts clearly show a lack of priorities in service delivery at hand. We need a hands on leadership which must get to the ground, use development and economic indicators to come up with a Strategic Thinking framework to rescue the former SADC breadbasket economy. Launching such a project at the time when over 80% of citizens are facing a bleak Christmas clearly shows that leadership may be out of touch with what is on the ground.

I’m failing to understand what the national dress code will help our economy, and what is the key objective prior to the project?

We have ailing state companies like Mineral Marketing Corporation of Zimbabwe, National Railways of Zimbabwe NRZ, Cold Storage Commission, and many others.

It is my hope that the Government must set their priorities right, by redirecting expenditure to the mainstream economy. The economy is the production and an increase in exports. Therefore, we need to settle our balance of payments. The National Dress Code must be done by the corporate world or backed by the corporate world using corporate social responsibility ( CSR).

Focus must be on:

  1. Redirection of expenditure to the critical sectors of the economy such as Agriculture, infrastructure development, mining, industry, tourism and private sector
  2. Address the huge local and external debt. We have a debt obligation which must be addressed.
  3. A proper National Development plan
  4. Citizen perspective is very important. Engage citizens
  5. Seperate politics and Development
  6. Introduce a proper business model to run this country
  7. Cabinet reshuffle is long over due
  8. Policy direction of the country is critical.
  9. Cut expenditure. Unnecessary state functions must be banned. Make use of District and provincial officials to officially open small and non existing footbridges.
  10. Liberalize economy. Allow all players to participate in economic activities. We have projects like Command Agriculture which must be open to everyone for bidding purposes. State Procurement Board must be regulated in line with Parliamentary Act.
  11. What is the role of Deputy Ministers? Do we need Deputy Ministers in all ministries?
  12. Review of investment policy. Nature of deals must be reviewed
  13. We need a proper Economic Recovery framework/ Plan
  14. Leadership should be a reflection. You need a mirror for reflection. Political acumenship is very important.
  15. Our nation must not depend on handouts. Creat employment. Pour money in the mainstream economy.
  16. Privatization of state companies is the way to go.
  17. Devolution policy framework
  18. Strategic Engagements is important.
  19. Human Rights obligations
  20. We need a Solution oriented and focused thinking development framework

Hopefully this statement will circulate in leadership circles including civic society, Government, heads of parastatals, church, Research oriented Organizations and all citizens.

We need a clear plan for our country!!!

Tinashe Eric Muzamhindo is the Head of Zimbabwe Institute of Strategic Thinking – ZIST, and he is also a leading Project Management Consultant, and he can be contacted at [email protected]

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