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Vendors bounce back into business

Vendors selling their ways in Rusape

By Knowledge Kutadzaushe

RUSAPE – The transition from level 4 lockdown to 2 by the government of Zimbabwe on Tuesday was well embraced by the vendors

The vendors in Rusape bounced back into business since the Government has announced the flexibility of working hours and city travels last week on Tuesday night.

Rusape vendors are now back to business as they seek to recover from the long and burdensome lockdown which emptied their tiny pockets and small budget.

Some vendors told this publication that they are still facing some difficulties since the police, in partnership with soldiers, are somehow still on the streets.

Alice Makanya, a vendor who sells fruits and vegetables in Rusape CBD said, “It’s very hard to move around selling our products since soldiers are roaming the streets every day every time. You know how tense it is to face those green uniforms with guns,” Makanya said

Side road vendors who operate along the Harare to Mutare highway are also trying to make ends meet through selling to the travellers
Many people in Zimbabwe are engaging in either mobile or stationary vending since the economy is going down and jobs are rarely available

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