Upcoming R’n’B star avails album online

By Kundai Marunya

Upcoming R’n’B/ Hip Hop vocalist Mik Manjengwa has availed his latest offering, Legend Status: A Book About Girls on various digital platforms for convenience in reaching a wider market.

The album, his third, is available on iTunes, Apple Music, Deezer, Spotify, Google Play Music and Amazon Prime, among other platforms.

Manjengwa says his father’s passing last year influence the making of his album, even the song selection. “My father was a constant source of inspiration and guidance. He was a strongman and believed in my talent to help facilitate my dreams. He and my mother put a lot of effort and sacrifice to get me where I am, and for that I’m ever grateful,” he said.

Manjengwa’s father also had a hand in producing music video for the song Like Ooh while Easier was recorded in his lounge.

The album also draws inspiration from life lesson’s the artists has absorbed through friends and relationships.

Legend Status: A Book About Girls fuses different sounds and genres creating a unique heart-catching sound. With a trap-soul feel, a bit of house music and a unique twist to R‘n’B music, the album has a good sound that appeals to people from all walks of life.

Manjengwa started his music career at a young age singing in local cafés in the United Kingdom. He further developed his musical capacity at Prince Edward School, which is a breeding hub for various artists including the late Sam Mtukudzi and Blessing Chimanga.

He has worked with seasoned producers and artists including Delani Makhalima, Shinsoman, Amillia, Byron, U4ric, Xndr, Shastro, Jxb Exclusive, Yung Zif, Dot Com Yung Nash, Stunner, Marcques, Joker Davinci, and MMT. He has performed at events like the Harare International Festival of the Arts, Arundel Winter Festival and Harare Agricultural Show

Hard copies of his album are also sold and delivered for free in Zimbabwe.



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