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Tour Africa’s New Horizon Project to increase Chinese Tourists to Zimbabwe

Tour Africa

Tour Africa’s New Horizon Project will see Zimbabwe receiving 350 Chinese tourists every month as from March 2019, Priscah Mupfumira, the Minister of Environment, Tourism and Hospitality Industry has said.

Minister Mupfumira made the remarks at Meikles Hotel in Harare yesterday where she revealed that the project is a collaboration between Ethiopian Airlines, which is providing the Charter flight for 350 tourists to travel through Djibouti, Tanzania and Zimbabwe, with the final destination being Zimbabwe.


“The Tourists will enjoy the majestic Victoria Falls and other scenic beauties provided by nature Zimbabwe. Part of the large Chinese delegation will include investors who are coming to scout the environment whilst enjoying our unique tourist attractions. The interaction also seeks to establish cultural ties with the East and promote cultural exchange programs between the two countries. Hence The Cultural Concert which is on the cards today is a glimpse of the wonderful exchange that we are going to witness this morning.

“Our thrust is also raising awareness of the current facilities that already exist for tourists, both domestic and foreign to enjoy our MICE offerings.The arrival of the TOUR AFRICA– NEW HORIZON Project, therefore requires our tourism and hospitality industry players to gear up and enhance their products to accommodate tourists. We are therefore calling upon you to dig deeper and research more on how to widen up your horizons too.Our tourists must experience memorable moments that will give them a reason to return to Zimbabwe,” Mupfumira said.

Just last month, there was a Cultural exchange event hosted by a famous Chinese artist and a couple of Zimbabwean musicians. The Event was a memorable one. The launch of Tour Africa comes at a time when the Government is re-engaging the world to come and invest in Zimbabwe.

Tourism Ambassadors under the Ambassadors for Tourism Promotion include He Liehui, Tendayi Mutawarira, Danai Gurira and PJ Powers.

“The Ambassadors will be officially appointed at an appropriate time. However, because he is present with us here today, l officially present the Ambassadorial Certificate to Mr. He Lihue. Mr. Liehui, a key player in the Belt and Road Initiative. He is President and Manager of Touch road International Holdings Group. He is the think-tank behind the TOUR AFRICA- NEW HORIZON Project. My Ministry has an MOU with Touch Road signed in April 2018 during the State visit by our President, H.E. Mnangagwa. He has been instrumental in bringing investors from China with an anchor in all sectors of the Zimbabwean economy. He coordinated the CHINA-Zimbabwe Business forums in April and June 2018. We will be rolling out more ambassadors to be our eyes and ears in all influential corners of the country,” Mupfumira said.

Also present at the event was Minister of Information and Broadcasting Services Monica Mutsvangwa who said, “I am here as a friend of China and I am happy to say  Tour Africa – The New Horizon Project, has come at a time like this that China continues to support the country with the quest to make Zimbabwe great again. As the government, we always continue to ensure prevailing of peace in the country. There is no reason why there shouldn’t be a tourism boost through  the Zimbabwe-China relations initiative. Everyone in China is longing to know about Victoria Falls , Kariba and our Culture. We should start seeing our airliners flying between China and Zimbabwe. Zimbabwe is a peace loving nation in the world and we say no to the violence we saw last week”
The Chinese Acting Ambassador Zha Boagang said, “I express my appreciation to Tour Africa – The New Horizon International Holding Company. Lets work hard to strengthen bilateral relations and development of the country. The Chinese government and community has confidence in the success of Zimbabwe.”
Chairman of Touch Road Holding Company He Liehui said it was regrettable that people in Zimbabwe were badly fighting and  bemoaned the Internet shutdown.
“Please keep your country at peace. It is our hope to see the situation to be better but despite all these the Minister of Tourism told me that Zim China relations will always make us to be together.”
 Much has been achieved through the Zimbabwe-China bilateral relations. There are standing projects for Harare Airport, Hwange Thermal Station and the New Parliament Sites. These are projects on the ground not in pipeline. China is a multi-dimensional country and a fast growing economy.

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