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Top 10 Marijuana Destinations In The World

By Rebecca Siggers

Exploring popular destinations is a dream for all the travel enthusiasts out there. It instills a sense of well-being and boosts your confidence levels. From the tranquility of lush green mountains to turquoise waves’ sounds, you must experience them all. In case you’re a pothead, you might include the weed destinations in your bucket list. Make sure to traverse the top-notch marijuana producing countries and score some weed at every location. You can fetch the unique strains like green crack and AK-47 as well if you’re determined enough.

Here are the top marijuana destinations that every stoner must cover up for the best travel experience.

Vancouver, Canada

With the legalization of marijuana back in 2018, you must travel across the Canadian premises at least once. As soon as the government made the herb legal, cannabis tourism took over the economy with full swing. You can find the stunning cannabis lounges and satiate your weed cravings here. In case you don’t feel like heading out, you can order outdoor marijuana seeds in 2020. You are likely to experience the best times here due to the arctic climate and snow-capped mountains. What adds to the appeal of the place is the strains like harlequin and AK-47.

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Would you like to sip on your coffee with a majestic landscape right in front? If yes, then make sure to traverse across the Amsterdam city. Along with the natural aesthetics, the place offers a top-notch weed experience to the stoners out there. You can grab the authentic weed strains like Lemon Haze and Tangilope without any hassles. Stoners often score their weed while enjoying the mouth-watering cappuccinos at the coffee shops. However, these coffee arenas are the best places to find high-quality weed strains. You can also choose the type of coffee shops according to your mood, be it a calming or a high-energy one.

Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona is the right destination for all the stoners who wish to spend the nights partying and smoking weed. The Spanish city is a heaven for the potheads and offers the cannabis clubs to traverse. You can score the most authentic cannabis varieties in the clubs and sip on some cocktails simultaneously. However, make sure to book the memberships and your tickets as the club booking closes for two months. Once you grab the desired strains, explore the natural antiquities of the city.


Are you ready to explore a country that possesses rich cannabis culture and an attractive history? Jamaican people hold the herb close to their hearts due to the Rastafari culture. Although the herb isn’t legal in the country, you can still grab your share without any hassles. When it comes to the scenic spots, you might cover up Dunn’s Falls and Bob Marley Museum. Along with cannabis, jamaica also boasts some popular beverages and drinks. From the earthy indulgence of Red stripe beer to Blue Mountain coffee’s caffeine punch, you must try it all.


Here’s the weed destination that offers both raw cannabis as well as cannabis-infused meals. You can either smoke the pot or satiate your taste buds with the delicious dishes crafted out of marijuana. Although the herb is still illegal in the country, the police are quite tolerant of its sale. Hence, you won’t face any difficulty procuring your share of green crack, which is too at lower prices. Along with the sale, Cambodia is also home to huge cannabis cultivation fields. In case you wish to check out the natural heritage, you can always book a nature tour.


In case you’re just beginning to explore the weed destinations, you might start with the legal countries. Colorado is one of the pioneers of weed legalization in the premises of the United States. You can find the streets lined with shops and dispensaries selling diverse weed strains at reasonable prices. What adds to the cannabis tour are the stunning landscapes and sceneries featuring rocky mountains. You might add a bit of spice to your smoking experience by heading straight to the top-notch cannabis lounges.


Are you fond of the geographical marvels like the aurora borealis? If yes, then you must explore the antiquities of Alaskan cities. Another reason to embark upon a journey towards the country is the legalization of weed. Alaska has one of the best weed cultures, and you can grab the best strains in no time. Also, the beautiful landscapes and northern lights add to the list of reasons. However, don’t get too caught in producing the weed varieties. You must cover up the top-notch locations like Denali National Park and Hubbard Glacier.

Nimbin, Australia

Here’s the city that attracts the hippies from all over the globe. Nimbin in Australia is one of the best cannabis destinations to explore. You can find attractive coffee shops and shady places selling high-quality weed in the city. With the bright-painted buildings and an appealing atmosphere, you are likely to experience the best time here. Don’t forget to try out the weed at the coffee shops and explore the attractions. Some popular attractions to explore are Djanbung Gardens and Mount Nardi. You might also grab some local cannabis for your acquaintances back home in case it’s safe enough.


Uruguay is another name in the list of countries that legalized marijuana for recreational use. You must explore the country and get your hands on the best cannabis strains. With the help of friendly locals, you can book a cannabis tour and satiate the pothead within. There’s no better feeling than smoking some pot at the beach shore with turquoise waters in front. Make sure to traverse the architectural marvels at Sacramento and enjoy the Hot Springs. Also, head straight to the Salto del Penitente for a delightful experience. You can also explore the Pan de Azúcar and Teatro Solís for an enchanting trip.

Costa Rica

If you’re beach lovers who like to smoke weed, then you must explore the waters of Costa Rica. With the top-notch cannabis sale, you can find the best varieties of marijuana here. Make sure to surf along the high waves and grab the strains like a harlequin. You are likely to experience the best cannabis tour in this coastal region.

Bottom Line

Cannabis tourism is gaining pace with the legalization of cannabis in many countries. You can start your weed tourism with the legal countries first. Some destinations that you must not miss are Costa Rica, Uruguay, and Amsterdam. Try to cover up the majestic attractions and fetch high-quality strains at the same time.

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