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Tinashe Jonas tears into Nelson Chamisa, POLAD, human rights violations reports

Tinashe Jonas

Pretoria-based politician, Tinashe Jonas, the President of Ideal Zimbabwe party today had no kind words for opposition leader Nelson Chamisa, the Political Actors Dialogue (POLAD), and reports of human rights violations in the country during his interview with Innocent Netanyahu popularly known as General Nat Turner by his followers on the Zimbabwe Political Debate platform.


We will address General nat Turner as GNT and Tinashe Jonas as TJ


Below, Spiked Online Media reproduces the interview:


GNT: Welcome to tonight’s Hot 🔥 seat on Zimbabwe Political Debate, the home of rational disputations, rational agreements, and solution-oriented thinking. Tonight for our Guest we have President Tinashe Jonas of Ideal Zimbabwe. Your Excellency Sir, allow me to call you Cde as well. Who is Tinashe Jonas?


TJ: Tinashe Jonas is a radical Zimbabwean Social and Political Activist.We Zhira, Mhofu yeMukono.A School Teacher, Student, Film Producer, Brand Ambassador, etc.From Muperi Village, Chief Shindi, Chivi South District, Masvingo Province. Edison Zvobgo is my uncle. I was Theresa Makone’s Campaign Manager when she was Co-Minister of Home Affairs, MP, and Chairwoman of Women Assembly for the MDC-T and her husband was the late Morgan Tsvangirai Manager.


GNT: Indeed for some do call you Cde Extreme Rules. This is a rare question and probably might be seen as unnecessary considering that the political field is open to all but if you don’t mind what academic qualifications do you hold?

TJ: I am a brand manager.


GNT: What are the vision and the ideology of Ideal Zimbabwe? What’s your value proposition and that which makes you unique from the other 137 political parties in Zimbabwe?


TJ: The Ideology is Meritocracy. We believe in capacity, abilities other than proximity or partisanship. We look at National Interest other than getting votes and power. We don’t campaign for 5 years. We tackle National Issues. Our Policy Formulation and Implementation is based on Research than opinions or the need to fool voters. We don’t parade our structures and Leadership until they are oriented well with party culture, system, and vetting. We don’t say or act to please anyone. We follow our Conscience not popular sentiments. We respect State Institutions, State Officials like His Excellency, Cabinet Ministers, etc. Although I was out of order at the beginning, I am slowly maturing.


GNT: Would you say there is democracy in Zimbabwe and the upholding of human rights? Comment on the allegations that activists are being given no space in Zimbabwe and to a good degree the state is victimising them?


TJ: There is 100% democracy in Zimbabwe and upholding of human rights. The human rights issue is a weapon of those superpowers like the US, and the UK to police weak nations like Zimbabwe. In August 2018, six (6) citizens died in Zimbabwe and there was noise across the world. When 40 citizens were killed in South Africa, the world was silent. Over 50 citizens were killed in Uganda and the world was silent again. Selective advocacy, Neo Colonization is perfected by those powers sponsoring opposition. How do you measure Human Rights? What’s the Standard Measure and Unit of Measurement? What is the Accuracy of the said Measuring Methodology?

GNT: Comment on the mantra that there are no sanctions in Zimbabwe but targeted sanctions and that it’s corruption undermining the capacity of the economy of Zimbabwe than ZDERA and other economic sanctions?

Furthermore, do you think political parties that support USA sanctions imposed on Zimbabwe should be allowed to keep contesting elections in Zimbabwe?

How would you describe the political environment in Zimbabwe looking at both the ruling party and opposition politics? Do you think the opposition is playing its expected role in terms of the Constitution of Zimbabwe?

TJ: Regarding sanctions in Zimbabwe, first let us look at ZIDERA…The “Z” in ZEDIRA represents Zimbabwe..meaning the whole nation. Even as of now, we buy the false narrative of Targeted…The so-called Sanctioned Companies and Individuals are the policy and economic drivers of our nation. If you Sanction a King, you have Sanctioned The Whole Kingdom. Sanctions by definition, are an economic embargo and not an enabler for an economic boom.They are a punishment, not a Birthday Party.

Parties that support Sanctions are our beautiful enemies and must be assisted not to hold rallies and participate. They are nothing other than National Threats, Insurgencies, Jecha Jihad, etc, and must be decimated beyond recognition: Parties like The Chamisa Chete Chete Choir of Lunatics.

GNT: What are your views on Electoral Reforms? Basically, what are they about and what do you think really needs to be reformed on the way we conduct our elections? Which reforms various leaders/ people advocating for do you think are justified and are there some you feel are unreasonable? Do you think organisations like NERA, ZESN, ERC, ZLHR, Zimbabwe Women Lawyers Association, and such like can add value to the call for electoral reforms?

NB: No explanation or expletives. Just touch on whether they add value or not. To buttress the point in my question, it is said that the hand that feeds you manipulates you. The organisations mentioned here are alleged to be funded by the west or countries hostile to Zimbabwe. Do you think they can stick to their mandate subject to the Constitution of Zimbabwe or they will be manipulated?

TJ: I will address the Politics of Zimbabwe as such:

Ruling Party
Must stop power retention obsession; (enemy (threat) identification, Neutralization, and elimination and focus on true Unity, Peace, and Development.
– Too much partisanship
– Too much grip on Stare Media. Every day The President this and that…why not saying Leader Tinashe Jonas as a headline?
..  Economic empowering projects must not be Zanu-nized.
-Too much recognition of War veterans and lack of balance with young and capacitated.

– Formed for Donor Funds hence a lot of Surrogates Non-Profit organizations as listed above.
– Foreign Controlled hence denial: no Sanctions effects but Corruption.
– Lacks strategy and resorts to Jecha Jihad Terror
– Doesn’t respect State Institutions, Leadership. Blame the government in everything
– Doesn’t honour national events
– Insurgents and terrorists…must rot in prisons
-Anti-Progress, Anti-Zimbabwe
– Clowns

– Obsession on power instead of Cause and Nation-building

– Opposition must not oppose government but complement.

GNT: Your views on the Political Actors Dialogue? Your brief comment on the economy of Zimbabwe, its current state? Your predictions on Elections 2023. How do you seed the ruling party and brother Chamisa’s party and yourself are you contesting?

TJ: The President must attend Question and Answer in Parliament after every State of The Nation Address. POLAD is a brilliant idea but I think the majority of Actors there are true Actors, Weak, doubtful and too absent. POLAD is a C Team if it was a National Team. About 90% of POLAD leaders must be fired and they expand the recruitment to every political leader, civic society, business, students, Church etc inclusive, not exclusive.

The economy is stable and improving. Economic Blue Print should be pronounced on Unity; Patriotism; Social Contract; Condtitunalism; Rule of Law; National Interest,; and Accountability.



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