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The Association of Secretaries-General of African Parliaments elects new leadership

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By Staff Reporter
The Association of Secretaries-General of African Parliaments (ASGAP) recently elected the new leadership during the Ordinary Session of the Permanent Committee Sittings of the Pan African Parliament Fifth Parliament in Midrand, South Africa.
According to their constitution ASGAP is an institution-based and a consultative forum, established by voluntarily association under the auspices of the Pan-African Parliament. It aims to promote the establishment of mechanisms to accelerate the ratification, domestication and implementation of AU Instruments at regional and national levels.
The elections were held inline with the Article 12 of the ASGAP constitution.
The new members of the ASGAP Executive Committee are drawn from five regions of Africa with each region having two representatives.
These include ASGAP new president Alain Address from Ivory Coast deputised by Lydia Kandetu from Namibia and Mr Abdil Kuja from Morocco being the second deputy president.
Other members who completes the Executive Committee include Selete Molete from Lesotho, Sise Momodou from Gambia, Jeremiah Nyengenye from Kenya, Dr Mesrak from Ethiopia, Noella Kamlangi from Central Africa Republic, Adrian Malumu from Chad and Yusefu Mami Tamek from Western Sahara Republic.
“We need your support as an institution for us to manage to deliver on our mandate,” said Alain, the new ASGAP president.
“We will as well be trying our best in encouraging our national parliaments to ratify all protocols. We understand the importance of this matter as it will help in the development and growth of Africa.”
Kandetu embraced the opportunity to serve Africa.
“I am grateful to be part of this institution representing my continent and fellow women as we move ahead trying to setup a better Africa for all. We need to unite as a continent and move on the same direction to achieve all our goals. As secretary generals of national parliaments it is our duty to shape and drive the duties of parliament progressively working hand in hand with our legislators,” she said.
Meanwhile, according to the ASGAP constitution, “Secretary-General”  means a secretary general, secretary, clerk of national or regional parliament, or a secretary-general secretary, clerk of a chamber/house of a national or regional parliament who is responsible for the overall administration of a parliament or chamber /house of parliament.

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