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The 7 Best Surfboard Car Racks to Buy 2020


Every surfer requires a surfboard roof rack that is going to enable him or her transport surfboards both safely and efficiently. The best rack will ensure no damage occurs on either car or surfboard. It is also going to ensure that the surfboards don’t torque during the journey but instead remain still. In case you are having any trouble deciding which roof rack is appropriate for your surfboard, worry not. Below is a list of the best seven surfboard car racks to buy.

Thule Tailgate surfboard pad

There is no better way to transport your surfboard than with the Thule Tailgate pad. It comes with amazing features, including sewn-in strap systems that ensure easy installation of the product. That means you won’t waste too much time in the garage trying various installation techniques. The surf pads come with a size of 18inches which makes them excellent for carrying surfboard and any other surfboard equipment you want to bring along. The synthetic fabric is durable thanks to its no-fade design that prevents fading even after a long time exposure to sunlight. You will, however, need the tie-down straps for Thule Tailgate surfboard pad to work effectively. Once you get this car rack, strap your surfboard on your vehicle and be on your way.

Pro Surfboard carrier by Front Runner

Pro Surfboard carrier by Front Runner is an ideal car rack system that you can use to carry various surfing equipment including paddle boards, SUP boards, and Wind Surf, among others. It is a perfect option for your surfboard, given that it comes with stainless steel material that has powder coating. The rubber pad cradles are suitable for ensuring they don’t damage the surface of the load. That is similar to those of kayak roof rack which prevents any scratches on the kayak. The carrier has enough room to hold two surfboards, and so you don’t have to worry about running out of options anytime you want to bring a friend.

Vaul cargo surfboard roof racks

Vaul cargo management surfboard roof racks come in a crossbar design with the ability to carry as much as 150pounds of weight. They come with a unique construct that enables them to fit SUVs whose raised side rails have a gap. The surfboard rack also comes with padded clamps which you will ensure your surfboard doesn’t end up with scratches during transportation. You can also adjust the side rails to fit your vehicle perfectly so long as the side rails meet the requirements.

Dakine aero rack pad

Dakine has one of the most incredible surfboard roof rack designs in the market thanks to its hook and loop closure feature. The technique that will see you have an easy time installing and removing the rack pad quickly and efficiently. The surfboard rack pad comes with an elegant finish that will complement your vehicle’s roof rack perfectly. The material used to create the rack is 100% polyester making it durable and appealing in appearance. The rack pad system guarantees a sleek fit of your board, and it comes with pads to ensure your board is free from any scratches whatsoever. The Dakine aero rack pad is among the best surfboard racks that will see you enjoy a great time carrying your board.

FCS double soft premium racks

In case you are the type of person who prefers going for surfing in groups, then the FSC premium soft racks should be your best option. That is because FCS double soft premium racks can transport a maximum of six short boards and a maximum of four longboards. The equipment comes with non-rolling pads to ensure optimum protection. There are metal buckles available to provide a tight grip of the surfboards. These metals come with PVC reinforcement so that no wax builds up on the buckling regions and leads inconveniences when using the soft racks. The soft racks also come with durable materials and heavy duty 38mm webbing to make sure it lasts longer.

Creatures of leisure wrap racks

These are easy to use surfboard racks that don’t require a roof rack for operation. They come with cushioned premium pads which you place between the boards to avoid any contact between the two boards. The metallic buckle is 30mm military grade, and it comes with molded silicone to ensure optimum increased protection. It is an excellent through the door surfboard rack system with materials that have excellent industrial strength. The equipment is also corrosion-resistant, and so it can survive harsh environmental conditions.

Curve surfboard soft racks

Among the best surfboard car racks to consider is the Curve surfboard soft racks. The equipment doesn’t require you to have an existing roof rack for you to make an installation. You can use it on a bare roof. It comes with so many specifications, such as foam padding to hold the surfboards without scratching. There is also neoprene cushion included enhancing the protection of the surfboards further. The system can carry up to a maximum of four short surfboards and a maximum of three long surfboards and still ensure that you reach your destination safely. It makes use of a single loop to go around surfboards and secure them ideally.

That is the conclusive list of the best surfboard car racks for any surfer looking for an ideal way to transport his or her surfboard. The car racks come with pads to prevent scratching of the boards and buckles to ensure the boards are secure. Most of them have an easy installation technique, while others require a little bit of learning.

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