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Tawanda Makwiramiti receives prestigious award for positively impacting society

Tawanda Makwiramiti

By Chimeno Azriel

Tawanda Makwiramiti was honoured with a Golden Award for exhibiting outstanding contributions towards youths transformation, peace advocacy, and responsible leadership.

He was awarded early this month by United Nations and International Peace ( UNIP) and received the Golden Award. Makwiramiti said he was happy that his charity work is now being recognised globally.

“I am delighted to receive such an honour. It’s a clear sign that my charitable works are now being recognised,” said Tawanda.

In one of the congratulatory messages, Tawanda was given the award for his hard work and dedication to improving ociety.

“Thank you for your hard work and dedication towards the society.” read part of the congratulatory message.

Award won by Tawanda Makwiramiti

Makwiramiti is the Founder and Managing Director of a local Organisation, Green Light International Trust. It is a locally founded organization operating in a number of African Countries. Green Light according to the Director, is a nonprofit capacity development organisation founded in 2005 with the aim to help all the underprivileged members of society around the globe.

During an interview, Makwiramiti said he gives a special mention to one of the Directors of UNIP, Dr. Bashir who helped with his work to be recognised Internationally.

“I would like to thank Dr. Bashir who recognised my works and I am glad that my works are beginning to be recognized. I am happy to receive such an award,” he said

Born 35 years ago, Mr. Makwiramiti was driven to start the Trust after a nasty incident in which a company that was supposed to help him eventually ended up robbing him.

“I was driven to start the Trust after I was robbed by an organization that was supposed to help me. That incident drove me to help those who are underprivileged.” narrated Makwiramiti.

Tawanda is an individual and a driver of social work and also the creator of interventions that helps to generate smiles for the bedridden and marginalised youths in this country and beyond.

“I am happy to get such a recognition and I will continue to drive the social work as well as to create interventions that will help to generate smiles to the bedridden and marginalised youths,” said Tawanda.

With the organisation’s work, it intends to cover the whole world. Tawanda said the Golden Award will enhance the organisation to be recognised and receive positive recognition.

Green Light Organisation is working in South Africa, Sri Lanka, Tanzania, and Burundi. Its Head Office is in Harare, Zimbabwe. According to the Founder, the organization wishes to encourage and invite the corporate world and well wishers to join hands with them as they embark on helping people who are underprivileged and marginalised.

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