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Swiss donor Sound Prosperity comes to aid of Gweru residents

Sound Prosperity

By Abigail Mzimbawakhe (Midlands Correspondent)

Thousands of Mkoba residents are set to benefit from income generating projects that are to be funded by a Switzerland based donor, Sound Prosperity.

Sound Prosperity is aimed at helping people to earn a living through giving them money to start projects. The organisation began its programmes in Gweru in July 2019 with more than 700 members already registered.

Mkoba residents that have registered are engaging in cleanup activities that will be paid after three months through the crypto currency that will assist them in starting their businesses.

Sound Prosperity Mkoba Liaison Officer Mr Royce Dube, said Sound Prosperity is mostly targeting the third world companies in a bid to promote poverty alleviation.

“Sound Prosperity was founded by Irene Scott who is based in Switzerland. This organisation is not only targeted at giving people money but to boost funds for income generating projects for those who need assistance to earn a living especially those who are in the third world countries,

“The organisation will fund the projects through a digital crypto currency called Spurt. Educators are assigned in every region that is under Sound Prosperity and in this region we have Princess Malothi who is based in Bulawayo,” Dube said.

Dube went on to say that the currency that will be used by the organisation requires the registered members to have a sim card and a smart phone in order to open an account so that they can be able to use the digital money earned from the donor.

“The crypto currency will be accessed through smart phones so each member should own one. This currency is used as a security measure as it cannot be exchanged with cash but will be circulating among community members who would have joined the organisation and will later be dispatched further to involve shop owners, doctors and other professionals and commercial goods and service providers as it grows,” Dube said.

Sound Prosperity Gweru Programs Coordinator Mrs Belinda Madaba said the organisation has allowed them to recruit up to 5 000 members.

“The organisation gave us an opportunity to recruit 5000 members. So far we have registered 69 groups that constitute 10 members each. We will also be looking at people with disabilities so that those looking after them can benefit or be paid through the Spurts for their work for assisting the disabled,” she said.

Ward 9 Councilor Edson Kurebgasekwa applauded the move done by Sound Prosperity organisation saying the programme will help to alleviate poverty in Mkoba and expressed hope that the programme will go country wide.

“I hope the programme will spread to all the wards so as to help many people. Cleanup activities will keep the environment clean. We want to clean all dumpsites through the organisation’s initial initiative. After the cleaning activities people will embark to their personal projects,” said Kurebgasekwa.

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