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Splash Paints to Decorate City of Harare

Town House

By Tatenda Mujeyi

Splash Paints has donated paint worth RTGS$ 250 000 to the City of Harare in a bid to further beautify the ‘Sunshine City.’

“This is a pride moment for Splash Paints to partner with the country’s biggest city council. Splash Paint has reached in its maturity through achieving our goals through very hard steps with thorns and rocks,” Anis Patel the Manging Director of Splash Paints said.

The paint will be used to paint the Town House in a move that should spruce up the appearance of the 86-year-old building.

“On this occasion we are donating the requirement of paints for painting Town House’s interior. We will also offer all kinds of technical support to the Town House project,” Mr Patel said.


“The Town House was built in 1933 and has been celebrated as the Diamond Jubilee of the Sun Shine City which came as result of national architectural competition,” Mayor Hebert Gomba said.


The donation comes as a second corporate responsibility gesture from the paint maker following earlier donations of road paint.


“As the City of Harare we are proud to be associated with Splash Paints which is making a second donation of an assortment of paint after having made another donation of road marking paint.” The Mayor said.


The event saw council emphasising the need to acknowledge and maintain historical monuments as well as plans to achieve world class city status by 2025.


“The City is looking to on board various stakeholders as it forges ahead with plans of making Harare a world class city by 2025. It is essential that we acknowledge and maintain historical monuments like the Town House which has been headquarters of the City of Harare.” Gomba also said.


Splash took the time to notify attendees that they will be launching a new plant in October for its plastic and recycling projects.


“Being part of our city’s facelift we have our new plant which will be commissioned by October 2019 for recycling the plastic products. With this plant we are trying to achieve our city status to be the world class by recycling 300 tonnes of plastic every month.” Mr Patel said.


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