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Soul Jah Love was a humble man beyond any imagination: Wadis

Wadis and the late Soul Jah Love

By Ronnie Chisamba

There is a brighter side about the late Soul Jah Love that many people were not privy to – his humbleness, Marshall Bimha – aka Wadis Gangsta Manager, has said.

“Taimbonetsana zvekutorwa chaizvo but taizogadzirisana. (We used to argue to the point of fighting a lot but eventually, we would resolve our differences amicably). If Soul was wrong he would apologise. He did not have pride and did not let stardom cloud his admission of guilt,” Wadis – Soul Jah Love’s manager in the early days of the late superstar’s career said.

Wadis’s statement is a far cry from the Soul Jah Love  (real name Soul Musaka) whom most people knew. After working with Soul Jah Love for 3 years, Wadis knows the late Zimdancehall artiste better than most. He (Wadis) was the late musician’s manager at a time the latter was at the peak of his musical career – riding on the waves of stardom and fortune.

Often described in controversial terms  –  drug addict, violent, wife basher, and unprofessional in business matters – Soul Jah Love made his big break on the music scene in 2012. The track which brought the late musician popularity was “Ndini uya uya”.

In 2013 Sauro (as the artiste often preferred to call himself in his songs) produced a number of hits. He was able to gain more recognition and win awards as a result of his successes as a Zimdancehall artiste.

A known diabetic, Sauro breathed his last due to complications from the ailment. He was declared dead upon arrival at Mbuya Dorcas (a medical facility in Harare) on the 16th of this month. The Zimdancehall icon was 31.

The musician (also affectionately known as Chibaba in Zimdancehall circles) was declared a liberation hero by the government through recommendation by the ruling party Zany PF. He was laid to rest in military honours at Warren Hills Cemetry in the capital, on Saturday last week.

Emphasizing Soul Jah Love’s good side, Wadis had this to say as partying words to his former workmate and friend: “l will not remember you with sadness. l will not remember you with tears. l will remember you with the laughter we have shared throughout the years. May you rest in the arms of the angels and love,my brother and my friend!”

Whether or not people agree with Wadis would be a story for another day but the fact is the Zimdancehall space will never be the same without Sauro’s anticipated voice and lyrics.

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