Kadoma Central Constituency Member of the House of Assembly (MP) Hon. Muchineripi Chinyanganya

Shot in the arm for Rimuka Primary School


By Assignments Correspondent

Kadoma Central Constituency Member of the House of Assembly (MP) Hon. Muchineripi Chinyanganya put broad smiles on the authorities and learning Rimuka Primary School in Kadoma after he purchased a consignment of 13 bags of cement towards the construction of parts of the education institution which is still work in progress.

The kind gesture came to fruition last Friday after the school authorities had earlier alerted the Hon. Member of the need to hear their plea and pool resources for the completion of the construction work so that its put to good use by members of the learning public who are over-crowding surrounding primary schools in the country’s youngest city.
“I hear you need cement, bricks, a security fence and roofing material for the speedy completion of the construction of the school. I will ensure that by Monday (January 13), you get the cement without fail. If possible I will make the payment  today (Friday) then we make arrangements with the responsible people to have the cement delivered.
He went on ” For now that is what I may extend to the school but we will continue to look at issues that are urgent and those that border on the development of the school.
School Deputy Head Charles Mpofu who spoke representing the young institution said, “Money was availed for the full construction of the school but it was heavily abused. In the aftermath one Kadzviti committed suicide by falling from the third floor of Government complex along Herbert Chitepo Avenue in Harare next to Makombe Building, and another only identified as Zinhu drugged himself in his car when he got wind of the visit by the higher team. The two took their lives when they heard that a team from Harare was visiting the school to check on progress.
The visit by the team from head office was promoted by a report which was submitted to the Office of the President by the daring culprits purporting that the school was completed.
“The school construction should have been completed way back but those who were holding the purse for the school development abuse funds with two top officials committing suicide in 2014 after a team from the Office of the President and Cabinet was deployed to come on the ground and appraise on the level of development”, said Mpofu.
School Head  Paxton Sibanda, who commented when Hon Chinyanganya joined staff members, who were holding an opening meeting, for a familiarisation and introductions session said he was deeply humbled by the move taken by the Hon Member: ” I’m highly elated by what you have done for the school . We were waiting for you for quite some time and we actually expected you yesterday (Thursday 9) . When we saw you today I can’t describe how I feel save to say this will go a long way in the development of learning at this school. I do not have much to say”.
Hon MP Chinyanganya was accompanied by Ward 3 Councillor Mike Mvula under whose jurisdiction the school falls.
Rimuka Primary is the latest kid on the primary school institutions block meant to relieve pressure on other existing such schools in the city. At the moment the school has enrolment from early childhood development (ECD) A up to Grade 6. Its current enrolment is at 454 learners.
The purse opened for the purchase of the cement is understood to be from the Constituency Development Fund (CDF), which, we reliably understand was disbursed to every constituency by Parliament recently.

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