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Sekuru Banda reunites Kapfupi and Marabha


Africa’s richest traditional healer Sekuru Banda brought together popular comedians and erstwhile friends Kapfupi and Marabha whose relationship had been on the rocks.


This follows his intervention in the frosty relationship between socialites Olinda Chapel and her ex-husband Tytan Skhokho.


Sekuru Banda made the move after hearing the sad news that the two popular comedians who hit the airwaves a couple of years ago had gone separate ways because of irreconcilable differences.


Speaking to Spiked Online Media, Sekuru Banda gave a spiritual explanation on the importance of living in peace and harmony.


“It’s not proper for one to go to sleep while holding a grudge against one another. When one gets angry against a person, you would have cursed yourself and the person you have a grudge against.


“That’s why bad omen is the order of the day among many people. It’s a result of keeping grudges against each other. The curse becomes worse when one party dies without having resolved the differences. It’s very important to settle matters when both parties are still alive. The soul of a person who dies while holding a grudge does not rest. As advice, let’s resolve any differences while we are still alive,” Sekuru Banda.


After realising that the popular comedians had split, Sekuru Banda took it upon himself to look for the two in the dusty streets of Epworth. Using leads from residents, he finally located them after sacrificing some time off his busy schedule.


In an interview with this publication, Kapfupi revealed that it was Sekuru Banda who bought him his first set of musical instruments way back in 2002.


“I am humbled by Sekuru Banda’s generosity. He is like a father figure to me. In 2002 when I was involved in an accident and lost my musical instruments, Sekuru Banda came to my rescue after learning about my plight through the media. I have many other episodes in which I was helped by Sekuru Banda that I am not at liberty to divulge at the moment,” Kapfupi said, holding back some tears.


He appealed to Sekuru Banda to extend the same gesture to all the people in need.


The two artists promised their legions of fans to look forward to expect fireworks following their re-union.

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