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Sayini Matunya’s Sat Technologies company pays tribute to DStv for a thriving business

Sayini Matunya, a Kwekwe-based DStv accredited installer

Over the many years that the DStv brand has been part of the Zimbabwean landscape there has been a range of benefits for the country, among them the creation of new business and job opportunities for Zimbabweans joining the team of support providers.


 One such person is Sayini Matunya, a Kwekwe-based DStv accredited installer, whose work in the field involves making sure existing viewers stay connected and new viewers get connected. DStv installers provide the technical support to get equipment set up and running.


Mr. Matunya’s company is Sat Technologies, which has been operational for over a decade and has built up an impressive portfolio of clients. He’s a design and technology teacher by profession, holding a Bachelor of Education degree from the University of Zimbabwe, and is also a qualified counsellor, with a Bachelor of Science degree in this field from the Zimbabwe Open University.


His career has included working in IT and film production, as well as running the family business of the farm, retail, and creche, and his DStv installation story started 12 years ago, kicking off with substantial training from the MultiChoice team in 2009.


In addition to his general work, he is what is known as a MultiChoice field trialist, monitoring new technology involved in the DStv service and providing feedback to the technical team based in South Africa.


“My business involves various electronic installations, including DStv, as well as installing and managing closed-circuit television for clients, and then other areas of activity such as event management and video compilation,” he said, adding that the company was moving into technical fields related to agriculture and education.


Mr. Matunya enjoys the diversity and dynamism of the DStv product, which is continuously evolving on every level and with which he must keep up to date so that his company provides state-of-the-art input for customers. Among the activities that support this is attendance at regular workshops and ongoing liaison and contact with MultiChoice technical and administrative staff.


“I enjoy the fact that I am playing a role within the entertainment industry, helping people receive world-class information, entertaining and educational from their DStv experience,” he said.


Mr. Matunya and his late wife had five children, the youngest of whom is still at school. The family traditionally enjoys the fruits of their DStv labours, watching a broad range of content on the platform. Mr. Matunya is a fan of SuperSport, as well as channels such as National Geographic Wild, Trace, Channel O, and the RT and CGTN news channels.


“As with many Zimbabweans, DStv is part of my life and it plays a role in so many ways, and I am pleased to be part of bringing it to so many people,” he said.

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Byron Adonis Mutingwende