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Safeguard dogs trained with modern motivational techniques


Safeguard Security’s dog section uses motivational training techniques to teach its dogs to obey their handlers and apprehend intruders. The techniques are in line with the latest approaches internationally to dog training.


Just as techniques used in the education of children have been gradually changing to stress positive rather than negative motivation, so too dog training techniques have been developing along similar lines.


Among Safeguard’s guard dogs there are Boerboels, German Shepherds and Rottweilers, all breeds that are well suited to being trained and working as guard dogs.


Training starts with teaching the dog to respond to its handler’s commands. The dogs are taught to pursue an intruder who runs away, even if this means pursuing the intruder inside a building.


Safeguard’s guard dogs are deployed with their guard handlers to various locations that include residential and business premises, farms, mines and schools.


The welfare of the dogs is of paramount importance at Safeguard’s dog kennels. So too is training them to carry out their guard dog duties and teaching them to always respond to their handler’s commands


The professional handling and control of the dogs is important too, which means the dog handlers have to be trained as well and get to know the dog they will be working with. Dogs, like people, have their own personalities.


The Safeguard dog kennels meet internationally recommended standards, with each kennel providing the dog residing in it with sufficient space to move around and exercise, thus ensuring it has the right environment to sustain its physical and mental health.


The training of the dog handlers, as well as the dogs, meets international standards. One of the trainers was formerly a trainer in South Africa and trained to a high standard.


As part of their training, the dogs are exposed to different environments. This helps ensure they are not distracted or put off by the noise or activities around them at various premises. They also have socialisation periods with each other.


Safeguard has dog sections in Harare, Bulawayo, Mutare, Kwekwe and Gweru, which all maintain the same high standards to ensure the dogs are well looked after.


In addition to providing dog guarding for regular clients, Safeguard offers a dog guarding service for various events, such as school functions, fairs or concerts, especially to keep an eye on areas where cars are parked during these events and for crowd control.

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Byron Adonis Mutingwende