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REVIEW: Janet Manyowa delivers soothing Ndimi video

Janet Manyowa
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Gospel diva Janet Manyowa has delivered soothing Ndimi video. Oddly enough, the video isn’t anything we have not seen before but on a scale of one to five she scored four and half.

This is because the video is cut from the same thread as the song. A good song needs a good video and that is what Janet Manyowa’s magic wand just did.

Believers and non-believers will be amazed how heavenly Janet looks in the video with beautiful scenery and the band playing classic instruments the violin, piano and the trumpet.

Everything you’ve wanted in a gospel video is in it.

But again it is the simplicity which brought out the goodness in the video ably directed by KMane.

There is no doubt many will fall for the video considering Janet has gone at lengths stretching our imagination somewhere between the heavens and mother earth.

Just to quote Minister Michael Mahendere, he said about the video: “Ladies and gentlemen, I’m celebrating 25 years in music and I’ve seen a lot in gospel music ministry and industry, but today I want to congratulate my Sister Janet Manyowa and Mr Munyaradzi for introducing a new dimension on quality of both music and visuals in gospel music. This has never been done in Zimbabwe and this new and very encouraging and uplifting for the Kingdom of God and also our nation. I salute you guys for this awesome, amazing work you have done. Keep shining.”

Indeed, nowadays music or rather gospel music in particular has changed it’s more to do with delivery and message than sound.

But on Ndimi Janet Manyowa has delivered both and it comes out like any international video that we have seen to date on other platforms.

Great input and the output was amazing! Another million plus views on the way!!

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