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Ray of hope shines on Mudzi District landmine victims

Shanice Lindsay

By Joyce Mukucha and Anyway Yotamu

In an effort to support land mine victims in Mudzi, Starlight Global Events, a UK based company has handed over a US$2, 479 and 210 Pounds donation to Mudzi Orphans Development Trust. The donation is meant to start up a Commercial Goat Farming Project, a scheme which will be sustainable in bringing in income in the long-term for the people of the community.

Giving the donation in Harare on the 17th of October 2019, Starlight Global Events representative, Shanice Lindsay said on behalf of the diaspora, they were delighted to extend such love and support since the UK community felt that it was necessary after hearing how the society was suffering after being affected by land mines.

“We have a heart and love for Africa including Zimbabwe wherever we are in the world. When we heard about the distress of people in Mudzi it was heart-breaking. We heard about the land mines which were planted by the Rhodesian Army and are still there 40 years later. There are a lot of people who have been disabled and are trying to survive. Some lost their parents and they are now orphans due to those land mines.

“We have managed to buy wheelchairs for both adults and children. Also the amount donated will be used to start a commercial goat project to sustain the community as well as assisting HIV victims and children with disabilities. It’s within our means to continue offering assistance whenever it is needed,” said Lindsay.

Speaking during the handover ceremony, the Member of the House Assembly for Mudzi North Constituency, Newton Kachepa hailed Starlight Global Event for showing love and concern for the people of his community. He said as the leader, he was going to ensure that he gives as much support as he can to guarantee that the project yields positive results.

Hon Newton Kachepa, Member of the National Assembly for Mudzi North

“We appreciate so much what Starlight has done for us. I will be monitoring and making sure that the money is used wisely and productively. I will allocate the land for them to carry out the project, a place which is in proximity to water and I will offer transport and food to all the disabled members so that they can be able to travel for project activities,” he said.

The Founder and Executive Director of Mudzi Orphans Trust Development PVO44/05, Robben Makazhu ,expressed his gratitude to the UK community and emphasised that he was going to ensure that the project succeeds.

He said: “It’s very important to appreciate people who remember us and who are able to carry the burden for us in these difficult times. Our aim is to establish a goat project and we are going to assist in any possible way. The chief has already offered the land to carry out the project. We intend to purchase drugs, and procure fencing material to make sure that the goats will be safe from wild animals.”

Starlight is a company with a social concern and in recent years, it developed working partnerships with aspiring farming enterprises in Zimbabwe keen to increase their markets for their agricultural produces. The organisation also extends support to the wider African continent.

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