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Rapper pays tribute to Soul Jah Love

Tribute to the late Soul Jah Love

Herzel Mushayabasa

Hip-hop star Tatenda Godknows Gumbo better known as ‘Dash The Rapkiller’ of Boss Tate Entertainment has released a remix of one of Soul Jah Love’s tracks following the recent passing of the Zimdancehall chanter.

This track comes as a cover to Soul Jah Love’s latest trap song called ‘Handizi Blind’ that he released this year.

“In honour of the late Saul Musaka(Soul Jah Love), I dedicate this remix from his latest single as a tribute to the conquering family and to all his fans nationwide.

” I took Soul Jah Love’sHandizi Blind’, redid the beat and the structure of the song, adding some new school flavor.

“Makuruwani was an inspiration to us as artists and I just thought of re-doing one of his songs, adding a touch of hip-hop and what pains me the most is that he departed from this world a few days after I had started working on this remix and I am sure that if he had been here today, he would have been smiling after listening to this remix, ‘Handizi Blind'(The Gangster Version) knowing that there are still many out here trying to fill in his shoes and take great lessons from your strategies to gain such hype but truth be told, no one can ever replace you Chibaba,” said the Rap Killer.

Dash says he is humbled by the reception that the remixed song is getting from the music fanatics.

“The reception is amazing and overwhelming and the video of ‘Handizi Blind'(The Gangster Version) is set to be released next week and that is my way of honoring Soul Jah Love,” he added.

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