Rains dampen HIFA opening

By Kumbirai Zvinavashe

In an unexpected turn of events, rains soared the Harare International Festival of the Arts (HIFA)opening show.

A reminiscent of a beautiful winter morning; such was this 1st of May as always characterized by celebrations of workers day and the beginning of yet another edition of HIFA.

An electric feeling hung in the air that Zimbabwe’s biggest festival is finally here and everyone was talking about it.

Surely the next six days are an anticipated if not much awaited experience. With the preparations set and the event buzzing with activity from various artist of every calibre, this here would be termed a lituation.

Gripped in this such august feeling the opening night was the tippy toe of what everyone was looking forward to and having paid $20 “l was definitely going to watch this show” a reveler acknowledged.

An hour before the opening, rain started falling driving scores of revelers to  dash for cover under the various tents, bringing doubt to the staging of a grand event as has been norm in the previous years.

At exactly 7:30 the opening show roared to life with an impeccable and flawless performances on stage, while a light drizzle still fell. This did not however dampen the spirit of celebration as revelers braved the biting chilly and rainy weather under the cover of small blankets and umbrellas.

Loyalty of such magnitude proved that HIFA is the biggest festival and command a  following from an audience than owns everything Hifa and what it represents.This will go down as one of the most epic moments of Hifa  since time in memorial.




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