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Phillip Chiyangwa driving infrastructural development in his constituency

Zimbabwe Islamic Trust volunteer Faynaz Rayman helping in rehabilitation of boreholes under infrastructure development projects spearheaded by Phillip Chiyangwa

By Elvis Dumba

Property mogul and Zvimba South Constituency Member of the House of Assembly, Phillip Chiyangwa is spearheading infrastructure development projects in his constituency.

Chiyangwa has come to the aid of people in rural Zvimba to have a community hall who were having their meetings under trees.

The Hall which was constructed at Masiyarwa in Zvimba South Constituency will serve more than 2000 people with youths in the area going to benefit from the hall as a recreational centre.

“We are grateful to our MP for this important undertaking. We didn’t have a hall at Masiyarwa. Our meetings were being held under trees. Sometimes we failed to have meetings due to bad weather. With this timely intervention from our MP, those problems have been solved,” Jameson Kamunda commented.

Chiyangwa, who is also a ZANU PF Central Committee member, is spearheading infrastructure development in Zvimba South Constituency where he is also facilitating road rehabilitation programs in rural Zvimba.

“The roads had been seriously damaged by incessant rains. That made it difficult for us to take our products to the markets since transporters were shunning the poor roads. Our MP intervened with road rehabilitation. Roads that link us with Banket have been rehabilitated,” Enock Kasiyamhuru told this publication.

In Banket, Chiyangwa facilitated the rehabilitation of six boreholes that have been lying idle for years. He did that with the assistance of Zimbabwe Islamic Trust volunteer, Faynaz Rayman.

“We have an obligation as ZANU PF legislators to ensure that our community infrastructure development programs are in sync with our country’s national development strategy goals,” Chiyangwa said.

Chiyangwa’s development programs in the constituency have also created employment opportunities for the locals. Various development projects are being implemented. This is promoting the fulfillment of the government’s national development strategy (NDS1) as the country moves to achieve a middle-income economy by the year 2030.

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