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Partnership with Bio Regime..Kwabena Resources Poised To invest over US$250 Million

Mr Douglas Chikohora

The Management of the Kwabena Resources Limited, headed by Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Douglas Chikohora, in the presence of other members of the company, including William Slack, Financial Director, Wurie, Director of Mining, Madam Aminata Tengbeh, Admin, Dr. Stanford, and others, on Friday 13th March 2020, at the Baomahun Court Barry in the Valunia Chiefdom, Bo District, Southern Sierra Leone, disclosed that the company is set to invest over US$250 Million in Sierra Leone if granted the Concession License to carry out full-scale Gold Mining operations in Valunia Chiefdom.

The CEO, Mr. Douglas Chikohora made this statement during a one-day working visit to the Chiefdom that brought together stakeholders and different youth groups, who share their thoughts and views to the team.

After listening to the cry of the people, CEO Douglas Chikohora, who is a business tycoon and Philanthropist, pledged US$4 Million support and promised to undertake the construction of the Baomahun Community Center. He stated that they have engaged government officials, but also thought it fit to deal with the community and landowners directly, so as to have a better understanding and good working relationship with the people. He added that the company will employ 500 to 600 people when their operation begins. He said that the company has been very successful in other Africa Countries where they are operating.

Chikohora ended by saying that his company has the Financial capacity and Technical expertise ahead of all the companies that applied for the concession license to undertake such large-scale mining in that chiefdom.

Paramount Chief of Valunia Chiefdom, Dr. Margret C. Baio Banie (Madam), said Kwabena Resources Limited has been very much supportive to the chiefdom, adding that residents in the community appreciate them, but as Chiefdom Authorities, they are always open to welcome any investor.

She disclosed that 4 companies had applied to the government for concession licenses to mine Gold in the chiefdom, but maintained that their role at the chiefdom level is just to recommend, but the government has the full responsibility and power to award concession licenses. She encouraged them to continue the good work and leave the rest to the government.

Similar sentiments were made by Honorable Bash, who outlined a series of projects supported by Kwabena Resources Limited. He stated that they are working in the interest of the people and that the government is a listening government, and will award the license to the company that is ready to work in the interest of the people.

Landowners and other stakeholders in the community, including the youths, all applauded Kwabena Resources Limited.

The investigation also conducted by the Journalist and Activists Groups revealed that some of the companies vying for the concession license have been awarded exploration license for over 5 years, but have not made any meaningful development in the chiefdom, but have only exploited the resources of the people and had failed to honour their obligations to the landowners as well as their Corporate Social Responsibilities.

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