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Parents donate to Banket School

Parent representative, Mrs Zulu handing over the donation to school head Mr Nzombe

By Elvis Dumba

Banket Primary School received a timely boost in its endeavors in digitisation after parents of a Grade Six student donated a laptop, projector and electrical overhead projector.

The school head, Nelson Nzombe said the gesture will a long way in improving the quality of education for pupils as it will be easier for the students to utilise e-books and called upon parents to take ownership and responsibility for the school’s development.

“We are grateful to the parents who took ownership of the school’s development and responsibility in filling a gap which will go a long way in aiding the improvement of the quality of education that their children will receive,” he said.

Nzombe said that the school used to be the glory of Mashonaland West as white commercial farmers who had children at the school always took it upon themselves to make sure the school was adequately equipped with relevant resources.

“Parents should continue to support the school and take a cue from former white commercial farmers who were in the past responsible for ensuring the school’s development. I also urge local businesses to come on board and continue to support the school,” he said

Nzombe said the school is faced with various challenges as some parents are not taking the payment of fees seriously. Some parents go for three terms without paying fees for their children.

“We should collectively work together for the betterment of the children’s education. Parents need to take ownership of the school and become responsible for the school’s development.”

The school electricity bill stands at RTGS$1900 per day which triples when the school swimming pool is in use. The school is also in need of a perimeter fence and paint for the hostels.

Turning to the donation, Nzombe thanked the parents for being responsible.

“I would like to thank the parents of the Grade 6 student who saw the gap in the school and took appropriate action – a gesture which I pray will be emulated by other parents,” he said.

A parents representative, Mrs. Zulu called upon the students to take advantage of the gadgets in their academic improvement and urged them to jealousy guard the gadgets.

“Your parents are working hard to ensure you have the best education and you need to work hard and reach for the stars in life through this donation. We hope your learning experience will greatly improve,” she said.

Mrs. Zulu urged other parents to own the education of their children through availing the maximum support for the school.

“The school can only do well by ensuring that our children get the best education through collectively supporting the school by availing the requisite resources,” she added.

Banket Primary School used to fundraise through various activities with a swimming gala being the most popular but due to the covid-19 regulations, the school has failed to host the events.

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