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PAP resolves to work with civil society to speed up ratification of legal instruments

The East African Regional Caucus meeting has concluded in Nairobi following days of consultations between members of Pan-African Parliament (PAP) and civil society organizations from the region. The overarching recommendation from the three-day meeting called upon the PAP to collaborate with civil society organizations to build regional consensus in the promotion of African Union (AU) legal instruments.

The Nairobi Recommendation further urged AU organs to harmonize strategies and efforts to ensure full participation of African citizens in the development and economic integration of the continent; and popularize AU Treaties and Conventions at grass-root level. In this regard, the PAP has pledged to work closely with the Economic, Social and Cultural Council (ECOSOCC) as both institutions have the mandate to give citizens a voice within the AU institutions and decision-making processes.

Other recommendations from the consultation meeting include the following among others:

  • The East African Regional Caucus should identify a credible and respected Champion to lead the promotion of the Malabo Protocol Region by engaging directly with Heads of State and Government;
  • The Caucus needs to develop an action Plan that will compel members to report back on what each one of them has done within their member states on the Ratification of the Protocol;
  • The Region to conduct a scientific research on why countries are reluctant to ratify the Malabo Protocol;
  • There is a need to improve the visibility of the PAP in the Region and encourage all other regions to do the same – by engaging the media, development partners and relevant stakeholders;
  • Regular workshops to be conducted relating to the role of PAP to allow stakeholders understand the work of the PAP.

The meeting was officially closed by Hon. Patrick MARIRU on behalf of the Rt. Hon.  Justine MUTURI, Speaker of the National Assembly of Kenya. Hon. Chief Fortune CHARUMBIRA, 4th Vice-President of the PAP also conveyed appreciation, on behalf of Rt. Hon. Roger Nkodo DANG and the Bureau, to the Government of Kenya for hosting the East African Regional Caucus Meeting in Nairobi, Kenya and the excellent hospitality and facilities provided.

Other speakers during the closing ceremony included Hon. Gideon MUNGARO, Chief Administrative Secretary: Ministry of Lands in the Republic of Kenya and former member of the PAP as well as Hon. Janet ONG’ERA, Chairperson of the East African Regional Caucus.

The theme of the meeting was held under the theme: “Building Regional Consensus on AU Legal Instruments and Promoting the Ratification of the Protocol to the Constitutive Act of the Pan African Parliament: Engaging Civil Society Organizations in the Promotion of AU Legal Instruments”.

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