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On Vaccines and Why Forced Vaccination Is A No Brainer


By General Nat Turner

On vaccines, the problems have been noted largely on the adenovirus-derived vaccines ( AstraZeneca and Johnson and Johnson) and the mRNA experimental injections (Pfizer and Moderna) where it is alleged that there is a global depopulation agenda and people must be reduced to about two million or even five hundred thousand.

Churches resist these. I personally don’t even have faith in these so-called vaccines from the western eugenicists and globalists. We aren’t in new Jerusalem or Mwenemutapa kingdom where there is unity, peace, love, and harmony and nothing hurting nor destroying in those kingdoms. It is common sense we are living in an enemy-occupied territory where a satanic cult of zionists is bent on exterminating other people groups through chemical and biological warfare. We certainly have to redeem the time because the days are evil. History is an indictment of white supremacy.

Although we acknowledged the presence of predators in our midst, we wish to make it known that the Churches have blanketed resistance to vaccines and have created a negative perception of all vaccines including Sinopharm, Sinovac, and Sputnik.

The Churches haven’t got proof that Chinese vaccines are not safe and unnecessary. Even from those who speak against western vaccines, there is no word against Chinese vaccines. Questions might be raised on their efficacy than on their being unsafe. In that regard, the Churches need to draw the line between the western vaccines and what our government has procured from China, and inform the people correctly.

They have to be generous with praise but cautious with criticism on the Zimbabwe government in its fight for the prevention and spreading of Covid-19. We don’t need the zeal of Pharisees that’s not according to knowledge in the midst of a pandemic from the churches but people who speak from an informed point of view. The Churches can actually assist the government in the dissemination of the correct information.

The government, on the other hand, while we applaud them for choosing the safe vaccines suitable for us, they have not been informational enough but instructional. They must depart from that instructional communication and cascade the information on vaccines right down to the grassroots. The government must not assume that the people know.

They should aggressively market the information on vaccines. To compel people to take vaccines without adequate information on these vaccines will only fuel speculation and harden the people’s resistance to vaccines. The Churches even believe we’re living in the apocalypse, so it even becomes worse. It is the obligation of the government to protect the people from ignorance but they should use the right approach than compulsion or force.

On traditional herbs, we have said it before, our problem is that we don’t want to evolve nor to commercialize these herbs. We still believe that our Sekurus must make rich the graveyard with their knowledge. That it must be mysteriously passed onto us by some reincarnation. We need to have science flare to our traditional knowledge.

There is no need to treat people into some dark cave for a clinic when we can construct laboratories and treat people at a hygienic place. Extreme spiritualism on the verge of religious fanaticism will be resisted by 21st century Africans who are not stagnant in rational thinking. There is nothing evil about traditional medicines, only the non-scientific approaches or resistance to having herbs tested is what makes such herbs unpopular and they remain to help a minority.

We need to depart from that culture of doing things and make our own vaccines and medicines. Africans must document their own experiences and inventions. Those who know history, prior to the destruction of the African civilization, it wasn’t just mysticism, it was real knowledge passed onto others although predominantly it was by non-written means and through oral history, we have a remnant of that knowledge.

That was because our people were able to remember things verbatim. That skill was disturbed by European invasions of our civilization. Griots were west Africans. The rest of us still need things documented and written down so that we can remember 80% of them. We need herbal prescriptions written down. Why nyora panoda drip or injections? Come on, move on with time.

The Churches do even have a Bible with evidence that medicines and herbs were used before. Doesn’t St Paul talk of Luke the beloved physician? In the Old Testament, we read in Jeremiah 8:22 “Is there no balm in Gilead; is there no physician there? why then is not the health of the daughter of my people recovered?” So where is the problem? My people perish for lack of faith? No! For lack of knowledge they perish. The same book prophetically said that in the future generations knowledge shall increase. It is, therefore, important that upon our faith we add moral excellence, and to moral excellence, we add knowledge. That is what makes us productive, efficient, and complete. Faith without the works of knowledge is dead.

In conclusion, we reiterate and implore the authorities to be informational than instructional. The government must have an efficient and effective communication strategy to ensure that the right information gets to the people. There shouldn’t be an assumption that people know. Compulsory vaccination will be resisted. People love their God religiously. Whether they are taught accurately or inaccurately by their shepherds they still regard them as the Alpha and Omega of the truth. So the Apostles in the book of Acts, ” Judge for yourselves, should we listen to God or you.” So, it is imperative, that the government have a dialogue with the churches and come up with a strategy of sharing the right information and for the administering of vaccines effectively.

The Zimbabwe government is an example of a government that does good things but without sounding the trumpet or with little publicising of what it is doing. Sadly this has become a habit. An unfortunate modus operandi. That should be for religious charity givers to be silent when they have done good deeds.

The government has to widely publish the good things they are doing. Zimbabwe has done well regarding the management of Covid-19 but there seems to be a famine of information. The Australian government and others have acknowledged our government’s successes. We have to continue riding on that goodwill, bearing in mind also that politics and for policies to work it’s about perception especially in the modern environment of social media where there is misinformation and miseducation from both the diverse mainstream media and the people. The right information has to get to the people and as such our information department has to be at work 24/7.


General Nat Turner is the president of Straight Black Pride Zimbabwe Partnership ( SBP ZP)

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