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Old Mutual Amazing Voices judges share their expectations

Amara Brown

We are three episodes deep with Old Mutual Amazing Voices, Africa’s top 10 groups prepare to meet the judges. The first impression is everything! In the case of Old Mutual Amazing Voices, this definitely counts.

The challenge is set, each group must introduce themselves through an Acapella song. Find out which group will leave the judges in awe, and which group will leave the judges doubtful about their place in the competition?

Here is what each judge is looking for when judging the performances in this season…

Vusi Nova (South Africa) – “I’m looking of superstars…Groups that you can tell that they have been together for a while. They have experience, character and their personality shines through in their music”

Evelle  (Nigeria) – “ As a new judge, I want to see originality, creativity, and growth”…

Filah (Kenya) – “ What I feel like I will be looking for from the performances is the sincerity of every performance from all the groups, the connection between the members of the group. Beyond the money and winning the competition, I want to see if these groups have what it takes to do well in the music industry in the long term.

Ammara (Zimbabwe)  – “ I’m expecting people to sort of push themselves. I’m interested to see what the contestants are going to do this season”

Trig (Ghana) – ”I want to see what the groups have… I want to see what Africa has for the second time. I know season 2 of Old Mutual Amazing Voices will be like an upgrade from the first season. I want to see what voices they are bringing…Guys this is season 2!

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