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NMB extends TapCard use to Chibuku Super Cup game, PSL matches


Soccer fans attending the Dynamos v Highlanders Chibuku Super Cup game at Rufaro Stadium today will be able to use NMB’s TapCard to pay the entrance fee.


The card is available from NMB branches or registered agents, including selected OK supermarkets. Anyone can get the card. There is no need for a bank account.


The card can also be used to pay Zinara tollgate fees on the route from Harare to Beitbridge. It can be issued at these tollgates as well.


The TapCard uses near field communication technology to communicate a transaction with an NMB point of sale machine or other approved device without the need to swipe or insert the card or enter a personal identification number (PIN). The card is simply tapped against the device.


This makes transactions quick, an important factor when queuing to pay to enter a soccer stadium or pass through a tollgate. This mode of payment will be available at the North 4, South 8, East 10 and West 6 (VIP and VVIP) gates at Rufaro Stadium on Sunday.


The transaction takes only a second. No internet connection is needed. There is no transaction charge, making the payment as good as using cash.


The NMB TapCard, which is like an electronic wallet, is ideal for small payments. The cardholder pays into the card sufficient to cover small transactions such as payments for entrance to a soccer match or tollgate charges.


While the clash between Dynamos and Highlanders on Sunday will be the first soccer match at which the TapCard will be used, it will be available too at other Premier Soccer League matches.

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