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Ninga Dzenharira unveils new Mbira single Zvinoita Masango

The Zvinoita Masango mbira song cover

By Chimeno Azriel

The Norton-based Mbira outfit Ninga Dzenharira is set to unveil and launch their mbira single Zvinoita Masango today, 30th September 2021.

The eight-member mbira outfit led by Florence Nyamazana (The Lioness) recorded their single full of mbira vibes and according to the leader, the song tries to revive the sound which listeners have been missing. The group is set to launch the single and a video online through Zimpapers TV Network.

Florence “The Lioness” Nyamazana

“We are glad to announce that we are going to launch our single and it will be online through Zimpapers Tv Network,” said The Lioness.

The mbira group was formed in 2015 by the mbira lady. The group has 5 albums under their belt but this single has an impact to show and make listeners that mbira music is here to stay. Fans are assured of listening to the song over and over again.

“We have some albums we recorded but this single was done in such a manner that would make listeners want to hear it the whole day,” said Florence.

The launch of the single also comes at the right time Zimbabwe is celebrating mbira month. Mbira music has in the past has seen a decline of interest but has now been revived.

“We as a group are happy that the launch comes at the right moment as we are celebrating mbira mont,” Said Florence.

Since Independence, Zimbabwe has witnessed a decline in interest in our musical heritage, in particular, attention to the mbira instruments but with the coming up of the Mbira Orchestra which is being spearheaded by Dzepamvura Mbira Art Centre, the mbira music is set to be at its best.

The Norton-based group was helped to shape up by former mbira DzeNharira player Miciah Munemo and they have never rested. Their latest single is expected to be loved by mbira fans. The mbira queen player said that the mbira sound is much appreciated outside the borders of Zimbabwe than in the country, a development that worries her.

“It worries me that our own traditional music is appreciated more outside our borders yet it must be us who should appreciate it but I am glad to say that more mbira outfits are being formed.”

The Lioness bemoaned the fact that they are not given the chance to showcase their talents in playing the mbira music on many media platforms.

“It pains me that we are not given much time to showcase our talents and even on Awards we are bunched as traditional music yet we must have our category of pure mbira,” said Florence.

With the launch of the single, Norton Town is now fast becoming a cultural hub to mbira players, groups and centres. The town shelters Dzepamvura Mbira Art Centre, Mbira DzeNharira, and Pakare Paye Art Centre – the Centre founded by the late music icon Dr Oliver Mtukudzi.

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