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New NHS Board expected to deal with the current and aftermath of Covid-19: Government


By Anyway Yotamu

The newly appointed National Handling Services (NHS) private limited is expected to deal with the current and aftermath of the deadly COVID-19 pandemic which has wreaked havoc, in particular, the aviation industry and tourism sectors world over.

Addressing the newly appointed board members in Harare today Minister of Transport and Infrastructural Development, Joel Biggie Matiza said, “I present the new board for NHS Private Limited amid a serious scourge, the COVID-19 pandemic, which has affected the entire world and in particular, aviation industry and tourism sectors. The new board, therefore, comes in carrying Government’s expectations to deal with the current and aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“The board is reminded that the world business order has already changed due to the COVID-19 pandemic and therefore there is a need for new ways of doing business. In this regard new strategies for NHS operations during the post-COVID-19 needs to be crafted and implemented urgently to keep pace with the changing business environment,” said Minister Matiza.

The new board will superintendent over the NHS, a company that has been profitable and self-sufficient without requiring financial support from the Treasury, with the board being urged to maintain and increase profitability status and make the NHS a household name in Zimbabwe.

Minister Matiza further added that “The board also joins the company whilst it is in the middle of a major recapitalization drive, the company needs to continuously re-tool in order to offer quality services to its customers with the need to continuously deploy new state of the art handling equipment and baggage towing equipment.

The company is also expected to complete the refurbishment of its operating areas so as to offer good ambiance to the traveling public and good customer service must be at the heart of NHS. As such the company must build a strong customer service culture in its entire operations”, said Minister Matiza.

In his acceptance speech, the chairperson of the Board Mr. Franklin Mukarakate said, “We thank you for the role that you have trusted in us. I and my colleagues are ready to take the task ahead of us and I want to urge my colleagues to focus on NHS and to work together, support each other and deliver. We need to come up with a first-class handling service including cargo”, said Mr. Mukarakate.

The board members are Mr. Franklin Mukarakate (Chairperson), Mr. Gedeon Mukorombindo, Ms. Lynn Mukonoweshuro , Mr. Christopher Dube, Mr. Douglas Khoza and they will be joined by two other female members who will be announced in due course.

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