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NetOne zero-rates all OneMoney transactions except 2% tax and Card Swipe charges


NetOne has introduced zero-rated transactions on all OneMoney transactions except the statutory 2% tax and card swipe charges, Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Lazarus Muchenje has said.

“Effective today, we have introduced zero-rated transactions on all OneMoney transactions except the Statutory 2% tax and Card Swipe Charges. What this means is there will be no transaction fees when you perform a Send Money transaction, regardless of the amount! There will also be no transaction fees levied on merchant payments either! You will also not be charged for Cash Outs at any NetOne Shop or Agent.

“These charges will remain waived until 31st December 2019. This is expected to greatly reduce the burden on the consumers as the charges waived constitute the bulk of transactional costs. We are also giving out 1GB of data for customers funding their OneMoney accounts with a minimum of $500. This is credited within 24hrs and is valid for 24hrs,” Mr. Muchenje said

Mobile Financial Services remain a key enabler for financial inclusion worldwide. Zimbabweans have adopted Mobile Financial Services and these services have become the bedrock of most economic activities in the Zimbabwean economy.

NetOne said its responsibility is towards the people whom we serve: from the breadwinners, striving to save every dollar they earn, to entrepreneurs who are trying to grow their businesses and need a low cost and efficient way of transacting. Its retail strives to offer convenience to its customers.

NetOne’s vision is to go beyond solving problems when they arise and instead look at creative solutions to pre-empt problems and pain points.

Announcing NetOne’s early Christmas Present to the people of Zimbabwe, Muchenje said accounts can be funded through the following channels: Cash – in at any NetOne Shop or Agencies; ZIPIT from all the banks on ZimSwitch; Funds sent from another OneMoney Customer; and Salary Payments credited directly into OneMoney

Netone is running the #CrossoverToNetOne promo for its customers. Under this promo, customers enjoy lots of Freebies. These include the following:

  • 100% of customer airtime as a bonus with every recharge when they ReActivate their disused NetOne SIM card
  • $2 of airtime with every purchase of a New NetOne SIM Card
  • 50% of customer airtime back when they purchase airtime with OneMoney
  • 1GB of data when customer refers friends and family to join NetOne!

“At NetOne, we remain committed to becoming a world-class service provider that also understands the value of a dollar saved. All our efforts are to ensure better lives for all Zimbabweans. Join the NetOne family, and experience all these reasons to smile from a cost and utility perspective,” Muchenje added.



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