Riverside Solar Power Station Control Room Station Mtanager,Fungai Bvirakare explaining to the media how the plant operates during a tour of the facility

National Energy Policy to Yield Positive Results


The National Energy Policy ((NEP) is expected to yield positive results through advocating for initiatives that promotes generation of power from clean sources.

In this regard, Riverside Power Station in Mutoko continues to operate in the way advocated by the policy. The station is generating 2,5MW power to the national grid. The project is in line with the Zimbabwe Energy Regulatory Authority (ZERA)’s aim of reducing carbon dioxide emissions that cause global warming leading to the destruction of the ozone layer.

Speaking during the Nyangani Renewable Energy tour yesterday, ZERA Senior Engineer Sam Zaranyika said his corporation has realised the need to create measures that support accessibility of reliable, universal and sustainable energy to the Zimbabwean populace through promoting use of renewable energy without destroying the atmosphere.

“The thrust of these initiatives is to try and build standardised provision of energy in the country. The implementation of solar energy efficiency measures is to reduce carbon dioxide gases thereby protecting the ozone layer from global warming. If you take a closer look at nations like China, you see that there are emissions from motor vehicles everywhere that pollute the environment.

“If we fail to be careful in Zimbabwe, the same scenario might end up occurring in our own nation. Therefore we continue to advocate and initiate these projects to try and ensure that there is renewable energy from clean sources,” he said.

Speaking to the media during a tour, the Solar Station Power Manager Fungai Bvirakare said:

“We are operating under the Electricity Act. These are 9 600 solar panels and the plant is maintaining the 2,5MW photovoltaic power station for the purpose of generating and supplying electricity in Zimbabwe. About a thousand households are supplied by the electricity capacity generated here. Mutoko uses less than 10MW of electricity being generated here. We only generate when there is power at the Zimbabwe Electricity Transmission and Distribution Company,” said Bvirakure.

On the sidelines interview with Engineer Zaranyika, he said power companies that would be willing to start these projects should go and consult ZERA for a licence to operate. If they fail to abide by the regulations, then there will be cancellation of licences.

According to Section 40 of the Electricity Act (Chapter13:9) anyone operating an electricity undertaking which generates, transmits distribute or supplies electricity should be licensed by ZERA.

Riverside Power Station was constructed in June 2017 and started generating power in 2018. The power station is also recorded under PGI Group, a UK-based group that capitalises in agri-businesses and renewable energy in Southern African nations such as Zimbabwe, Zambia and Malawi. There are 2 operators and 4 assistant operators doing the ground work at the station.

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