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Mvurwi Town Secretary under fire

By Monica Munemo
Mvurwi Town Secretary Sheri Nyakudya is under fire from resident association who are accusing her of nepotism.
According to resident association official Emmanuel Nkambala ,Nyakudya has employed 7 of her relatives at the expense of others.
“As Mvurwi residents we are disturbed with our Town Secretary who is employing her relatives at the expense of our Mvurwi residents, “Nkambala said.
“We have it on good record that she employed Ruvimbo Nyakudya, Sydney Chiombe, Shelter Chizinga, Norman Mandeya, Richard Chitepo and Nyarai Charuka and we have since raised our concern to the commission of enquiry.”
Contacted for comment Nyakudya professed ignorance saying she was not aware of the case.
“I am not aware of that,” she said before hanging up.
Meanwhile, Nyakudya is also being accused of legalising an illegal tin shack at the centre of Mvurwi town which has since sparked controversy since the owner is of the illegal structure is believed to be her son.

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