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Music during COVID-19: Tête-à-tête with Leo Magozz

Leo Magozz

By Ronnie Chisamba

The advent of Covid-19 has aggravated the plight of the industry and musicians. Despite the odds, committed and dedicated upcoming musicians are managing to make marks on the local music arena. Nineteen-year-old Tavonga Leo Magombedze – aka Leo Magozz – is one such artiste.

Spiked Online Media’s Ronnie Chisamba (R.C) caught up with Leo Magozz (L.M), just after the official launch of his latest 7-track E.P – Behind Hearts – on Thursday afternoon, for a one-on-one interview. Below, are the excerpts from the interview:

R.C: Can you briefly tell me about yourself?

L.M: My name is Tavonga Leo Magombedze better known as Leo Magozz in music circles. l was born in Masvingo on the 3rd of January in 2002. lam passionate about music. My professional musical journey began in 2018. l often describe myself as a multi-genre artiste but most of my current work has been aligned to Afro Beat, World Wide, and Trap.

R.C: Who has been your source of inspiration in the music industry?

L.M: To be honest l do not have a single musician locally or internationally who l can mention as my source of inspiration. I like to think of myself as a self-motivated musician but sometimes l take time to listen to international artistes like Fireboy and Joeboy.

R.C: How many tracks have you produced to date and do you have any that made an impact in terms of popularity.

L.M: l have released 8 tracks in total.As for one track that made a name for me it was titled Juju and this was back in 2020.

R.C: You launched your lastest E.P – Behind Hearts – earlier today what inspired you to pen the songs and to come up with the 7 track compilation?

L.M: Some of the songs were not written by me but for what l wrote l was inspired by the untold feelings which always remain untold in every situation. My strong desire to bring to life the true worth of women and love encouraged me to work towards the fruition of the EP.

R.C: Can you shed more light on Behind Hearts?

L.M: The 7 track EP is made up of the songs: Before you go, Chamunyurududu, Breakthrough, Uchida (featuring Macho), Story (interlude ), Grace (featuring Vince Good Beats and Brian Jeck), and The One (featuring Cooling).

The production of Behind Hearts was done at Brian Jeck’s Zero 53 Music Production Studio.

R.C: What is your favourite quote and why?

L.M:” Shona man with the highest ambition”.

This is because l am always aware of my culture and traditional sound(chuckles).

R.C: What can you say is the greatest challenge facing musicians in Zimbabwe at the moment?

L.M: The major obstacle is financing mainly for paying studio bills and marketing. As the industry is growing and having new artists every day the struggle for exposure is also a big stumbling block in my music career.

R.C: What are your plans for the future?

L.M: To tell history’s untold stories through song.

R.C: Thank you for your time.  l wish you the best in all your future musical endeavours. Any parting words to aspiring and upcoming musicians?

L.M: You are welcome! I would like to urge them to be hardworking, to be humble, to pray, and have faith in God.

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