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Munashe “Chamapenzi” Dhliwayo tackles social issues through poetry and novels

Munashe "Chamapezi" Dhliwayo

By Chimeno Azriel

Multi-talented Marondera based poet Munashe “Chamapezi” Dhliwayo aims at reaching all ages with his poems and novels as he tries to send the message about social life. The poet-cum-writer is riding high with the release of his Shona novel this year and some anthologies of Shona poetries.

During an interview with this publication, the 24-year-old writer said he is targeting to spread the message across all ages through his writings.

“I am aiming high to send the message to young, middle-aged, and old generations through my works,” said Chamapenzi.

The poet said that what inspires most artists is their determination and the zeal to pour out what would be in their minds so that it reaches the intended readers and audiences through the vernacular language of which he uses Shona.

“I am determined to pour out what will be in my mind to the intended recipients and I am proud to do doit in my mother tongue,” said Dhliwayo who is very rich with Shona words.

Chamapezi, as he is affectionately known in the poetry sector, is basking in the glory of his latest offering GUMINDOGA a Shona novel that dwells on the issues that are affecting people’s lives.

“I have released my Shona novel about a stubborn chief who does not listen to others. It appeals to everyone including the elderly people and it educates people to live as one in the society,” said Dhliwayo.

The talented writer has also contributed to other Shona poems (nhetembo) books like MUNYORI JOURNAL (2020) and DZINOSVOSVA (Pearl Press 2021)

Dhliwayo has been in the art industry for the past 6 years and was inspired by Mr. Abel Mauchi who nurtured him to become who he is.

“I was inspired by my mentor Abel Mauchi and other renowned writers like Memory Chirere, and Ignatius Mabasa to name only a few who made and inspired me to be at this stage,” said Dhliwayo who can play well with Shona words.

Chamapezi is also into Spoken Word Poetry and has been performing in front of big crowds. Spoken Word Poetry is a based performance art where performers engage in powerful self-expression by sharing their views on particular topics for live audiences and this is what Chamapezi is doing in order to spread his messages.

“I am also into Spoken Word Poetry and I enjoy myself and I know that the message is being heard, thanks to my mentor Mr. Mauchi,” said Dhliwayo. The poet has been staging his spoken word poetry at some functions and the audiences have been overwhelmed by his performances.

The talented writer and performer embraces the use of media as a tool which is helping him to have his works and him be known. He uses Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, YouTube, and Tiktok to spread his gospel of peace, humanity, marriages, and love.

“I appreciate digitalization and I market my works through all means of social media,” said the artist who also noted that digitalization was paying dividends as he was receiving positive responses.

According to Chamapezi, his writing skills are a gift from God. He writes what is being experienced by people in their lives as well as what he is also experiencing.

“My writing skill is a gift from God who has helped me to write what people experience and what I also encounter in life. Thanks to the Almighty, the messages are being spread,” said Chamapezi.

The poet also encouraged those who are already in the field and those who may want to venture into the art industry to humble themselves if they want to scale high and get recognition.

“Artists need to mortify themselves if they want to be respected and get recognition and have their works be known all over,” said the Guard Alert employee.

The poet views the art industry in Zimbabwe as hard to penetrate but has encouraged some upcoming artists to be patient enough for it will take some time before one is recognised.

“The arts industry in Zimbabwe is a noble profession but needs one to be patient and composed because it is not easy for one to be recognised. One needs patience and to wait for their turn.

“It takes time for one to be part of the renowned poets like Chirikure Chirikure and others but with God all is possible,” continued the artist.

He is working with publishers like Sir Aleck Kaposa, Prosper Njeke, Bernard Manjoro, and Professor Sigauke among other people who are helping him to achieve his goals.

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