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Minimise on COVID-19 herbal prevention concoctions: Sekuru Banda

Sekuru Banda (Centre)

As COVID-19 intensifies its toll on citizens, famous traditional healer Sekuru Banda has warned people against consuming excess concoctions as a preventive measure against the virus.

“We understand that COVID-19 is ravaging people across the globe with Zimbabwe listed as a hotspot for the pandemic. My advice is that when you are not COVID-19 positive, please avoid taking excess concoctions against the virus.

“Don’t inhale steam excessively. Lippia javanica popularly known as zumbani in the Shona language is a herb whose leaves are being excessively abused in the country as people try to prevent themselves against COVID-19.

“It’s unfortunate that people are also taking excessive lemon, ginger, and garlic. If these herbs and concoctions are taken excessively, the body system will become used to them. When one eventually tests COVID-19 positive, these things might not work because the system would have been already damaged,” Sekuru Banda said.

He said it is advisable to take these herbs at least once per day or just two days per week. Steaming for 3 times a day is advisable for COVID-19 positive, not for those who are negative,” Sekuru Banda said.

He emphasised that traditional remedies are important but warned people that everything should be done optimally.

Zimbabweans have also turned to traditional snuff (bute) as an alternative preventive measure against COVID-19.

Sekuru Banda warned that if taken excessively, the snuff contains nicotine that has side effects on the lungs and the heart with a potential to cause ailments like heart disease and pancreatic cancer. People who take snuff excessively are also prone to breathing problems, the famous traditional healer added.

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