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MIM Foundation: Empowering and giving hope to communities

Manyara Irene Muyenziwa

The Manyara Irene Muyenziwa (MIM) Foundation is positively impacting communities through the provision of empowerment initiatives and giving hope for a brighter future for all, including the youths.

Inspired by God’s love for humanity, the Manyara Irene Muyenziwa Foundation was founded in 2021 with the aim of giving people of Zimbabwe hope through solutions to socio-economic, humanitarian, empowerment, capacity building, equality, inclusive health, and developmental challenges.

Recently, the MIM Foundation awarded a scholarship to Ruvimbo Gawa to finish her studies at the University of Zimbabwe.

In presenting the scholarship, Dr Tinashe Eric Muzamhindo, the MIM Executive Chairperson, said the move was aimed at empowering the girl child with education to ensure a brighter future for her.

Dr. Tinashe Eric Muzamhindo

“Together we can achieve greatness. this scholarship is one among many that we give to students, particularly those from disadvantaged families. We believe this gesture will go a long way towards capacitating our youths with a sound education,” Dr. Muzamhindo said.

The founder of MIM Foundation, Manyara Irene Muyenziwa said her organisation envisions a society where people lead healthy, empowered, and productive lives, feeling the sense of respect and value, belonging, fairness, and being represented in every social and economic sphere.

“Inspired by God’s love for humanity, Manyara Irene Munyeziwa Foundation is dedicated to finding solutions to challenges by strengthening communities through sustainable capacity development. Our mandate is to address the causes and effects of human suffering and poverty, linking local responses to national and international advocacy to providing opportunities for them for capacity building, equality, inclusive health, empowerment, and development,” she said.

The Foundation is working on strengthening social infrastructure, societal safety nets, and ensuring socio-economic empowerment for both rural and urban communities.

Recently, the MIM Foundation built a fowl run with a capacity of 10 000 birds. The project is run and administered by locals.

MIM Foundation’s poultry project at Dema

“We keep broilers and layer chickens. The proceeds will be ploughed back to the marginalized communities,” said Dr Muzamhindo as he showed the team from this publication the project site.

At the Dema site, the MIM Foundation installed a 5000-litre water tank and built a toilet, and two fowl runs. They also put a boundary fence and drilled a borehole.

As part of their girl-child empowerment programme, the MIM Foundation donated food humpers to Simbaredenga Orphanage Seventh-day Adventist. In attendance were the MIM Foundation team and Seventh-day Adventist church leadership compromising of Pastor Sunny Musiiwa, Pastor Chiriga and Pastor Clifford Chaukura.

The Foundation has an inclusive approach to business. In an interview, Madam Muyenziwa revealed her foundation’s presence in communities where it helps the needy including people with disabilities.
“In many communities, we have got different people who are in different situations. Some are born physically challenged, while others are orphans, widows and poor but this does not mean they do not require love and to be cherished. They need our care, love and responsibility. It is believed that religion is what you do as an individual. Is religion not to share your bread with those who are hungry? Is it not to bring the homeless into our homes? Is it not to cover those who are naked? Of course, it is. We, MIM, are advocates of social change. Disability does not mean inability,” Madam Muyenziwa said.
The foundation advocates for the total elimination of all sorts of social injustice and envisions a community free from domestic violence and abuse; a community that promotes peace, development and national solidarity.

“It’s unfortunate that the abuse of women, men and children can happen anywhere and at any time. For, example, in buses, at home, at work, in the public sphere, etc. Some people face these abuses as a group and/individually. However, these forms of abuse hinder the capacity building of communities. Let’s all participate in the fight against social unrest. Let’s stop the abuse of women, men and children,” Madam Muyenziwa said.The Foundation is providing solutions, and opportunities, and addressing inequalities to the vulnerable members of our communities. It is creating a conducive environment for people to live with trust, respect, dignity and hope for the future in their daily transactions.

MIM is also providing psychological support to vulnerable members of our communities by targeting both rural and urban centres through giving them access to education, health and means to resources.


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