Merciless comes of age…celebrates birthday at 1+1

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Celebrating his 28th birthday this Friday, popular dancehall MC cum radio disk jockey Merciless (real name Charlton Nyevera) has his eyes on conquering Africa and the World as a whole.

Having been in love with dancehall at the age of nine and eventually growing into one of the most sought after entertainers in the country, both in live performance, on radio and on television, Merciless feels its time he focuses on growing into a world sensation.

“It’s been a long journey since I started but I believe in growing bigger and better with time. After conquering Zimbabwe my next mission as I grow a year older is to conquer Africa and the world at large,” he said.

Merciless’ story begins with his love for Jamaican reggae dancehall at a very tender age. His first interface with professional music was as part of yesteryear Zimdancehall legend King Labash entourage.

“In 2007 I was part of King Labash’s crew and entourage that worked with him on stage. It was him who introduced me to professional music,” he said.

King Labash’s career eventually diminished as he moved to South Africa. It was then when Merciless together with T-Nice introduced the local dancehall sector to Last Generation a DJ and MC duo.

He said they were working with Legendary Sound thus he eventually became part of the Legendary Sound Family.

“In 2010 I joined Legendary Sound and enjoyed a fruitful career there,” said Merciless. “Even though I eventually started my own crew, the Ooh Wow Empire, I’m still part of the Legendary Sound Family.”

Merciless also works with Power FM as a DJ and ZBC TV as a video DJ. His party will feature performances by top local artists including Freeman, Seh Calaz, Lady Squanda, Sniper Storm, Kinnah, Trevor Dongo, and Jah Signal among others.

He said the venue was chosen for its neutrality.

“1+1 is a neutral venue were no artists will be in their background which is a good considering mishaps in Zimdancehall,” he said. “Also we are in winter and the venue is closed and very warmed.”




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