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MDC must play cards close to their chest

Tinashe Eric Muzamhindo
By Tinashe Eric Muzamhindo
The bottom line is Nelson Chamisa is surrounded by infiltrators and traitors around him. I must say this clearly, on strategy MDC failed and plans were in disarray on how to deal with their march. Honestly how can members of the Standing committee post on social media exposing the party through their plans for the march? How would you deal with headlines like ” hatidzokere kumba” versus peaceful march announced by the 41 year old politician, Nelson Chamisa?
As we speak MDC leaders are struggling to express themselves on how they wanted to proceed with demo. As a matter of fact, Mnangagwa’s regime panicked when intelligence reports were gathered. I think Nelson Chamisa must move in to take a very strong stance on how to use social media.
Why would a top official post pictures of standing committee meeting with a headline purported ” Kuronga kutora nyika”, in your right mind no sane person would accept such a march! To be frank section 59, is clear, it is enshrined in the constitution, to allow people to hold their democratic right to demonstrate against a regime that is oppressive to it’s own people, but at the same time, maturity must take centre stage in leadership.
I have no problems with Nelson, Welshman, Biti and Kore, they have matured enough but the rest must work on their appetite to dish out information to the public. I think the idea of strategy, Chamisa must invite a few if he wants his plans to be successful. I will comment later on why the regime panicked and stopped the march.
If these infiltrators are not flushed out they can even pose a danger to Chamisa’s life. There is a lot going on. Strategy requires intelligence and intellectual capacity.
MDC is heavily infiltrated, I’m afraid to inform you that top leadership is seriously infiltrated. There could be a number of moles dishing out information to Zanu PF. A lot has happened during the time when the demo was announced till date. The flow of information is also another key issue between the secretariat and Information department. The party has to work hard on public relations, to deal with counter on antics and acts of sabotage. There is a lot of cyber war and cyber bullying, and it is the duty of Information department which is not doing a proper job. On technicality something must be done. If such big events are not properly planned and handled they may cause mayhem within and outside the party.
One of the major challenges why Zanu PF stopped this march, they were not sure of what Nelson Chamisa was planning. What you must understand is that Zanu PF thrives on intelligence and deception. These keys raised must be dealt with.
There is too much posting of information and exposing the party’s plans on social media platforms. For example if someone would post a comment like ” nhasi tovapedzera”, what do you expect? The concept of ideological thinking must cleared and worked on. Structuralism is very key and institutional framework on strategy and planning.
Critical thinkers are key on strategy and planning to foister growth and success !!!
Tinashe Eric Muzamhindo – Doctor of Phil Candidate ( Women’s University of Africa), Post Grad from University of Zimbabwe ( UZ), Masters of Arts from University of Lusaka, Zambia, BA from Solusi University . 
Twitter :  tinashericmuza

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