Mayor’s Cheer Fund early Christmas for mothers of newborns

Cheer Fund

By Miriam Zvomuya

Under the Mayor’s Cheer Fund, Councillor Herbert Gomba gave donations to three Council Hospitals targeting mothers with newly born babies and people suffering from infectious diseases.

Donations to patients are usually done at the end of each year to patients for Christmas through the Mayor’s Cheer Fund.

The Mayor said,”This year we are only targeting three Council facilities namely Edith Opperman, Rutsanana Clinic and Wilkins Hospital. We are targeting the Maternity wards and people who are being treated for infectious diseases at Wilkins hospital,” Mayor Gomba said.

Mothers with newly born babies were given napkins, clothes for their kids,  and food. At least 10 people who are being treated for infectious diseases at Wilkins Hospital were given fruits and drinks.

Speaking to the Spiked Online crew, the Mayor said the board would also organise a Christmas party for the underprivileged, and in January they will pay school fees for underprivileged students.

Rev Namburo of the AFM Church, who sourced the goods for the donations, said, ”Christmas time is meant for everyone to be happy. While we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, we should also remember patients in hospitals.”

“Many thanks to Schweppes and Sunspun, who made the early Christmas donations for patients a success by the support they gave to the Mayors’ Cheer Fund,” Rev Namburo said.

“We want to build other Council Clinics but we are going to introduce a pre-paid concept whereby residents pay $1 per month which will contribute to the building of the fund. When the residents are sick they will not pay any consultation fee. They will be treated for free, ” added Mayor Gomba.

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