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Matebeleland laments the absence of Obert Mpofu from Cabinet

Obert Mpofu
By Nicholas Ncube
The People of Matebeleland are crying foul over the absence of Obert Mpofu from the executive arm of government as the effects are now being felt across the region.
In a press statement Mthwakazi Republic Party, a regional political outfit fighting for equality and opportunity for the people of Matebeleland stated that: “It has come to our  attention that  the Zimbabwe National Revenue Authority  is on a rampage of firing current workers from the region. We have received a call that Zinara has now recruited   people from Mashonaland specifically Harare to replace workers from Matebeleland.”
Mthwakazi Republic Party went on to state that the workers were being unfairly dismissed because their contracts were not renewed.
MRP said that it was in possession of evidence to prove their claims.  A Spokesperson of MRP said “These people coming in to replace the workers speak no local language  and do not reside in the region nor do they have accommodation.”
He further added:  “As Mthwakazi Republic Party we note that this is not the first time local people are being fired at the expense of 300 Zanu (PF) youth officials. Workers lament that since Minister Obert Mpofu left office, Harare has taken over everything and government employers are firing people from the region willy nilly. “
 Mthwakazi Republic Party said that they shall  protect the rights and interests of the people of Matebeleland . MRP went on to condemn what they have labelled as acts of tribalism, nepotism and corruption.
Peter Moyo, who claimed to be a former employee of the Ministry of Mines also stated that “Obert Mpofu is sorely missed in the mining industry as he was a minister who gave equal opportunity to everyone regardless of tribe.”
Mr Moyo further stated that Obert Mpofu has been the only Minister from Matebeleland who ensured that people from the region got fair employment opportunities and equal representation in any ministry he has held.”
Mr Moyo added that other ministers need to learn that Zimbabwe is one and that people from Matebeleland also deserve fair and equal employment opportunities.

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