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Marketers Association of Zimbabwe takes measures to keep out coronavirus

The Marketers Association of Zimbabwe (MAZ) has taken cautious measures in response to the deadly Corona threats in a manner that protects and saves both its staff members and the entire membership at large.
“Through our various platforms of communication, we are endeavoring to ensure we disseminate and share as much information as possible in order that we stay protected and prepared. Various corporates as well are making efforts through these platforms to exchange strategies to safeguard everyone including their staff members.
“We have also taken the heed as pronounced by the government not to gather 100 or more people and we have so far canceled two events that were lined up, the Women in Marketing launch as well as the Marketers Suppliers Expo. We have furthermore suspended ongoing classes of a course we run as we further monitor the situation. We believe that the welfare of our various stakeholders is very critical hence this kind of measure,” said Gillian Rusike, the MAZ Chief Executive Officer.
He said the association is closely monitoring the situation like everyone else and stands guided by the authorities and guidelines provided for.

“Management is ceased with coming up with strategies to further protect the staff and a rift of measures have already instituted at the office including provisions of sanitizers, separation from sharing offices and keeping the necessary distance, frequent sanitization of workstations and provision of cleaning services at the entry point for every visitor, etc. We remain vigilant in monitoring the situation and doing everything necessary to ensure that there is minimum contact of persons at every other touchpoint.”

Generally, for the marketing fraternity, Rusike said the virus has also brought in massive inconveniences including the closing of businesses for undefined periods.
The celebrated marketer said the situation calls for those who remain open to take excessive precautions and measures hence the call for adapting the marketing and communications approach.
Budgets are being diverted to deal with the scourge, staff compliments are being rationalized to remain with critical staff hence all this has negatively affected the marketing fraternity. Events and activities at national level are being canceled and massively the tourism sector has been brought to its knees. So we are experiencing a wave of massive business loss in all spheres and an increase in unsanctioned costs that were never budgeted for,” Rusike added.

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Byron Adonis Mutingwende